Concept Design for Mixed-Use Skyscraper Over the Seine River in Paris

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Skyscraper over the Seine

Here is a look at our concept design proposal for a mixed use skyscraper in Paris that goes over the Seine. We designed the skyscraper to by two parts that are a mirror of itself to create a balance and harmony. The idea of the two sides comes from the imaginary program of the building - lab and research facility on one side and an office with conference space on the other.

tower rendering 2.jpg

The Design Process

Our process for generating the form of the building is shown in the animation below. There are a few very simple steps required to create the final form, some of which are about distributing square footage efficiently and some about creating a more aesthetically pleasing form. The towers are connected by a shared space that hovers above the Seine. There is a public park on top of one of the tower "legs" that is accessible from a port on the Seine and from the street.


tower rendering 4.jpgtower rendering 3.jpg

We made a logo for the building also, which I think shows the subtle angles of the form nicely. It also emphasizes the power of negative space. The non-built space of this design makes the form more powerful and creates directionality on each side of the river.


I hope you enjoyed this project. Feel free to leave comments or questions.

Ciao for now, Steemians.

- Weston (aka @design-guy)



Powerful design. Love the logo, too.

Thanks! I appreciate that

great design. interesting proposal. It brings into question the custodianship of space rather than land. If your building spans over the river, does that mean you are the custodian of that 3d or 2d property.

It's an interesting question. I think the owner of the building would most likely need to purchase air rights or be granted permission from the government to be able to span in this way. It may be similar to someone proposing to build a bridge for private or public use. There are definitely a lot more security requirements for spanning a public waterway also. Good point @nathenial

ooo, i had never heard of purchasing air rights before, makes sense now that you mention bridges though. Wow, i'm learning so much on here everyday!
Thanks for replying by the way!

Very cool design, hope you get the job so I can go see it one day! How close is this to the eifel tower because I know nothing within a radius can be taller than so many feet.

Thanks @gniksivart it would be about 8km from the Eiffel Tower

Yeah that seems to close, but I honestly don't remember. I just know they like to keep all the buildings short around there and the only tall buildings were in the downtown area that was pretty far away.

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Great and very neat design you have here @design-guy.

This is amazing! You truly are worthy to be called "DESIGN-GUY". I think this is already possible to be built - many new skyscrappers are now taking in weird and unconventional shapes but they are wonders of the engineering world. I took up engineering and these things amaze me a lot! Thanks for sharing!

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