Skyscraper Art Contest [Prizes in BlockCities NFTs]

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Join Our Skyscraper Art Contest!

BlockCities is officially live! To celebrate, we're hosting a Skyscraper Art Contest. Learn more about how to participate in the Contest section, below:

About BlockCities

BlockCities is all about generating collectible mash-ups of landmarks from all over the world. The Ethereum powered application takes recognizable building faces and lets you customize them with architectural styles borrowed from other buildings. In essence, this new app is like an architectural Rubik's cube.

Click here to read more via our interview with Founder - Preston Attebery.

Imagine Your Own Skyscraper

Let's create! Do you have a building from your hometown that has been a source of inspiration for you? Draw, model, or illustrate an image of it and share it with us for the chance to earn a BlockCities NFT of the New York City skyline. Here's how to play:

  • Create a 1000 by 1000 pixel image of a hometown skyscraper or of one you've imagined all on your own. Be creative!
  • Enter the contest by tweeting the image to us or enter via your Steem account within the comment section of this article, linked here. (Entries made on Steem will be eligible for bonus upvote rewards in addition to the NFT Grand Prize.)
  • Our curation team will determine 5 winners next week!

Deadline is Sunday night, April 7th @ 11:59PM EST. Get BUIDLing!

Name: BlockCities
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Hi! This is my entry for the Skyscraper Art Contest: as a model for my own building I decided to choose the "Florence Baptistery" located in Italy. I know, that's an unusual building to take inspiration from for a skyscraper, but it's one of my favorites building in Florence 😅 Also I'm not a designer or anything but I really tried my best to use the lovely and minimalistic "BlockCities" style so please don't judge me! 😭



Hi! I'm @DavideBrbr on Twitter, can you follow me there so I can send you my personal address? Thanks!

This is exciting! I've been waiting for you to get your competition on! I'm excited!

Do you need anything special if you win? Metamask or an ETH wallet or something?


Excellent @ninjavideo :D excited to see what you come up with! Yes, make sure to have your ETH address handy. Metamask would be great 👍 so you can see all your goodies in one place.