Discover Architecture on the Blockchain with BlockCities

in architecture •  3 months ago

Non-Fungible Urbanism?

Here's a brand new crypto project that's taking the word "block" literally. BlockCities are Ethereum powered crypto collectables of signature buildings from all over the world. These Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) can be collected to create your own digital-metropoli.

Stay tuned for their launch later this year! Until then, enjoy watching the block-powered skyline as it reaches new heights!

Collect rare digital buildings from top cities, construct entirely new ones, and build your own virtual city with roads, bridges, and landscape.

Be the Architect.

Name: BlockCities

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If they don't get crazy expensive like crypto kitties, it may actually be fun to play. Although not sure how ethereum would be able to scale in the near future with all the different project on it currently.
Anyway it's good to have some new kids...on the block. (I'll show myself out )

Is there anything beyond the building collection, creation, and placement aspect? As in, stats for buildings, goals to complete like number of buildings, or having a certain number of buildings over a given height...

It's a neat idea, but it feels like it can be greatly expanded upon to make a more fulfilling game overall.


Take a peek at their twitter account -

It looks as if there will be IRL construction stats embedded in the game somehow!

Neat idea. Its kind of like a blockchain "Sim City."Its also different from some other NFT's which to me are kind of like a digital baseball card. These instead allow the holder to view all of their NFT's at once in an interactive landscape that they created. That's a pretty cool idea. I like it!

Wow, this is a great project. Thanks for sharing it with us.

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Simply BRILLIANT !!!...

sounds interesting