Architecture - Shoes And BagsStore Design Inspired by Louis Vitton by my tallented wife (original work).

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Louis Vuitton


We all know the luxury brand - Louis Vuitton with its status symbol
Button and flower and LV famous in beautiful shades of light brown and brown leather.
Not all of us think that the LV brand is particularly nice, but its marketing works so well that even if they do a side bag that looks like another cheap brand and add the LV and some buttons and flowers, people will think it's beautiful.


My wife chose to put Louis Vuitton's old suitcases at different heights
In order to break symmetry (Fibonacci ratios)
Inside the suitcases to put items (especially women's shoes, and bugs) design and display window brings a vintage look.


The counter is no less important than the showcase, with luxury brands such as Louis Vuitton investing heavily in the design of every detail.

from above

Here you can see the store from above.
The sitting area and measuring shoes and all the places where items are stored.

לוגו מאריאנארט.png

For the full document project (114MB) from Google Drive(Hebrew letters).

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לואי ויטון זה אכן אחת הדוגמאות הכי חזקות לכח של מותג, הכל אצלהם נראה אותו הדבר למישהו כמוני וקשה להבדיל בין זה לבין חיקוי סיני פשוט. אני מעריך שהאיכות אצלם היא ברמה הכי גבוהה שניתן להשיג אבל עדיין - כוחו של המותג הוא בפרסום וביוקרה שיש לו.

עיצוב יפה - איך שאני מבין את זה יש יחסית מרחב גדול שבו מפוזרים בתורה אסטטית מדפי התצוגה, זה הגיוני לעשות את זה ככה כי בסך הכל המטרה היא להציג את המוצרים שלהם, שהם לא רבים מבחינת הגיוון שלהם - ולתת להם פוקוס, ואם היו המון מדפים עם המון פריטים, היה קשה יותר להעריך כל פריט ופריט בפני עצמו - כמו כשנכנסים לנות בגדים זולה ויש לך עומס של בגדים בכל פינה. זה די דומה למה שהולך בחנויות של איידיגיטל, מרחב גדול וכמה סטנדים להצגת הפלאפונים.

כן זה העיקרון 😌
שבת שלום אחי!

שבת שלום ומבורך :)

this is a wonderful. creativity at a high level. and great display of excellence as well!

Yes, I have to agree your wife is talented!! Well done :) Marketing is ever so powerful, as I have to agree with you that the design of LV is not all that great, BUT it is worldwide recognizable. Even I have LV luggage and purses jeez :)

As always I said , Your wife has such a talent. Too Good mate. 2nd one fascinating me.

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Great inspiration..The reservoir of all creativity is the presence of the Supersoul.

Wow nice counter

@amiramnoam this Architecture - Shoe Design are really amazing thanks for shareing full
document project link

wonderful post @amiramnoam . i like your Architecture - Shoe Design Inspired by Louis Vitton by my tallented wife (original work) post. thanks for share the post.

Wow nice architecture post

nice design.

Your wife must have a good taste for design. The designs are cool

beautifull Design i really like it @amiramnoam mem thank you for shareing this

wow very nice

a pretty nice design.. nice post sir

everyone likes to wear famous lebel, but because of inadequate needs, only upper class people can keep up with the times

very good way to take advantage of the space, also everything looks great ...

Wonderful post brother

i think your wife is equally talented like you

excellant post @amiramnoam .i appreciate your work ..carry on my friend!
thanks for shareing

Wow great archi and looks eunique ...

Talent in family. Allah bless with more work.. keep up the amazing work

Your Posts are golden.

Yeah. I think writing down might have its advantages as well as disadvantages too.

When writing, you might not really get to pit down everything in the head.
But then in a video or an audio, u can get to say everything that comes to the mind.
But currently, I do more of writing cuz I'm not all that pretty to appear on a video. Lol.

Thanks for sharing @ amiramnoam

Tapi menurut saya itu merek sudah umum,walau pun di ubah arsiteknya tampak biasa,kecuali tinggal tambah aksesorisnya aja..munhkin lebih mantap dan bagus..saya senang mengikuti anda

Great post, specially when I saw this full document project on google drive you shared...
such a productive way of sharing knowledge and technical background.

Design was also very good. I'm not sure about the area and meterage..but i'm sure efficiency was a great concern.
and heyyy...using suitcases as architectural elements, was unique ...liked it so much..

Wish your wife all the very best for her venture :)

Wow, what a great talent! You’re lucky having a talented wife @amiramnoam

Very talented wife. The layout of the store looks welcoming and warm. Thanks for sharing.

that's great reflection.

It is really great when a person has to start bringing up adaptive change in old fashion....nice work...louis Vitton soon going to touch the sky....

Wow, just wow... Also, couldn't agree with you more on the LV quality and its marketing... People will pay stupidly high amounts of money for a piece of clothing just because it has a famous name on it...

His wife has a great talent, very sober models congratulations, another great manifestation of art.

please upvote my post also

Yeah! These side bags look so ridiculous and awkward. In Russia we have such handbags are the sellers in the market (which are often unsightly and hamovitye. And very are far from high fashion). Maybe that's why these accessories seem to me tasteless.

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היא ממש מוכשרת!
שבת שלום אחי

your wife is talented and creative of course you are her passion a humble and creative man like you of course will have a wonderful woman like her hope you live in peace and love together and forever
if you have an artistic eye and of course you have it maybe you will like my photographs i care about details feel free tk take a look

wow very excellent

She Is Very talented artist i always love Louis vuitton Your post Very interesting.All the best

Hello sir @amiramnoam , you are lucky person to have a really very talented and fashionet partner👫. Wish you both long live...