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"Architecture is the will of the time translated into space"

Mies van der Rohe (1886 - 1969)

Architecture is a socio-cultural phenomenon. On this occasion I want to share with you my great friends of STEEMIT a small part of my last semester project at the UNIVERSIDAD NACIONAL EXPERIMENTAL DEL TÁCHIRA (UNET), which was focused on the intervention and architectural restoration of existing buildings in the sector "La Hermitage "in San Cristóbal (Táchira State).

Based on a diagnosis of the immediate environment and its environmental, constructive, social and spatial variables, develop the project taking into account that the buildings involved are part of the historic center of the city of San Cristóbal, as well as being a commercial area. Being the main objective of this intervention, to improve the spatial development of the infrastructures, respecting their cultural values, also as architectural, that over time becomes an icon for citizenship.


Internal view 1. Bar-cafe (3D)

Every time I'm facing a design problem, I look for theoretical bases on which to sustain my architectural development. In this case, I took as reference the Method of objective restoration of Antoni Gonzalez and the Theory of values ​​contributed by Alois Riegl XX.


Internal view 2. Bar-cafe (3D)

It was a very extensive project since the area of ​​intervention in the architecture comprises many variants which are very complex because they must follow specific patterns to preserve the identity of each building in particular. In this case, he focused as previously mentioned in improving the spatial quality in addition to:

  • Highlight the values ​​that have been considered decisive for the intervention.

  • Develop the architecture based on the current needs that make possible the survival of buildings, new activities and new uses.


Internal view 3. Chichería (3D)

The design was made in SketchUp 2015, a program of graphic design and modeling in three dimensions (3D) based on faces. With the help of V-ray a rendering engine used as an extension for some computer graphics applications such as SketchUp.

"Design is not only what you see, but how it works"- Steve Jobs-

THANKS FOR READ FRIENDS, until a new opportunity ....

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great post - interesting to see your thought process when facing such an challenging aspect. Thanks for posting

Many thanks to you for assessing my design process <3 and for your words.