Fairytale house

"Then they spotted a house between the trees. The roof was made from sweet pretzels and biscuits, sprinkled with peanut brittle, boiled sweets and other delicious things. Hansel had just broken off a piece of gingerbread wall to eat when he heard a voice. “Nibble, nibble, little mouse, who’s that nibbling at my house? Come inside, children, I have lots more treats for you in here.” They went inside but then heard the door slam behind them. They were trapped inside a wicked witch’s house."

the text is an excerpt from the efteling website: https://www.efteling.com/en/park/attractions/fairytale-forest/hansel-and-gretel


Ik had jou toch iets ouder ingeschat...

De efteling is voor alle leeftijden! Mijn vriendin vond het geweldig mooi ;)

(was dan ook als grapje bedoeld) is idd mooi...

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Oh how fun! Great photo!

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