Architecture, Lines, Shadows And Summer

in architecturalphotography •  last year  (edited)

This is a quick snap shot I took on my way home last summer on one of the few really hot days. I shot it on 35mm film with a snazzy pocket camera I carry with me most of the time. Problem with the current season is the cold and that it exhausts the batteries quickly.

I hope you enjoy my pictures, here's a few more

Thanks for your visit and support!

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Nice, you got the golden ratio


Hehe, thanks! I have my moments, yes :D

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Fantastic @vimma. Really like the parallel lines and the shadows to coincide. Keep up the good work. Following and resteemed :)

stunning shot!! <3

Wow, I love lines, I can appreciate lines! I don't know but somehow lines give me just pleasure to watch....Great composition!


Thanks! I was carrying grocery bags and had to return to that place after passing it as I was sure I'd seen something worth capturing