Hostel Mixed Dorm Yangon Myanmar

Capsule beds on two levels line the main room of a hostel I stayed at in Yangon Myanmar. This is a mixed dorm with both men and women allowed. I stayed in a lower bunk, had a comfortable mattress, and got very good sleep here.

Each "room" has a light, a fan, and a plug. Many people sit on the bed on their phones for most of the time they are there.

Hostel Mixed Dorm Yangon Myanmar fitinfun.jpg

At the end of the shot, you can see a crack in the curtains that led to a balcony. At the right is a desk area where I left my laptop set up at all times I was there. I only locked it in the cubby below the bunks when I was leaving the hostel entirely for my Visa or to walk around town.

I feel very safe in these hostels and always meet other nice travelers with stories to tell. Most of us are there for short trips and find hostels easier and cheaper than hotels. I usually meet at least one person who is staying long term. At 58 years old, I’m usually the oldest person in the place, but not always.

This is my entry for the #architecturalphotography @photocontests by @juliank.

I’m using a Canon ELPH160 point and shoot camera.

Would I be in SE Asia if I still weighed 275 pounds? I do not think so. Anyone can get over obesity and live their dreams if I did. Hopefully you do it before you get as old as me.
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I don't have a lot of cash, i am also here to full fill my dreams which my parents cant help me because i deserve from a middle class family . Hope steemit will help us both. Anyways i have resteem your post hope you get some help from this community. :)


Thank you very much. I really appreciate your help and good wishes. Good luck to you as well.


Thank you . :)

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