Dear steemians

A photo of the nicest mosque I had opportunity to visit. It is from Abu Dhabi and really looking impressive. Such an amazing architectural masterpiece…

This is my entry to #architecturalphotography contest by @juliank

1 (72).JPG
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All photos in my posts are @originalworks and were taken with my own equipment.


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Is this where oil turns into stone? It is beautiful.


Hehe. We could say lik this yes :)

Hello and congratulations on winning a daily round of my 7 World´s Continents Photo Challenge. Feel free to attend your winner announcement post to interact with other users through answering some of the comments. Thank you. Have a great day. Tomas

7 World’s Continents Photo Challenge – African Wednesday week #54 – winner announcement!


Thank you Tomas :)
A great start back after my vacations and HF20. Glad you liked my photo and wish you a very nice day!