Architecture is art


Salvador Dali said that symmetry is the aesthetics of fools.

I personally love symmetry. During my stay in Frankfurt, Germany this building caught my eye. It is the former headquarters of the Europe Central Bank. Perfect symmetry... ❤️

So I guess I am a fool 😂😂😂

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@bibirider. Many a fool exists in this life and Dali was chiefest of them all though he might not have admitted to it. Symmetry is life. The off-centre life is however a welcomed change sometimes. Lol. Thanks for sharing.

Thank you for your words. Hope to hear from you soon again

I guess I'm a fool too. Not only is it beautiful, it adds structural support along with other positives.

It’s nice to know, that I am not alone. 😜 thx for your support! ☺️

Architecture is a challenging and competitive profession.

Hola amigo si es muy hermoso crear espacio los cuales le haga sentir bien alas personas en las cuales convive...yo particularmente fue estudiante de Arquitectura....y no la culmine ...pero hice el técnico de Arquitectura ...que aquí en Venezuela es Técnico en Diseño de Obras Civiles...que también es una hermosa profesión saludos espero verte pronto por mi glob y contar con tu apoyo saludos

That's true.

Hola muy polémico tema ...pero esta foto se puede visualizar la perfección en arte encanta la esbeltez de este edificio y las lineas bien alineadas y equilibradas...buena opción...saludos ....espero verlo pronto por mi glob y contar con su apoyo

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Great Shot!! :)

Thanks a log :) I really appreciate your words!

Your welcome :) Lovely evening :)

That’s an excellent point of discussion.
I am not a Dali expert, or even an art expert, by any means.
From what I have read in books and watched in documentaries about Dali, I believe that Dali himself was a very eccentric personality. Even other painters found it difficult to understand his art in the beginning.
He was a highly unconventional artist, and he painted in his own unique style right from the start of his career as a world famous painter. He even challenged his art teachers!
That said, Dali was of course highly aware of the principles of symmetry. However, he didn’t like to follow the conventional rules, and wanted to make his own one-of-a-kind creations. This was the only way for him to excel and earn a place in the world history of art.

Thank you for your comment. I like this work very much.

Architecture is the rhythm of silence. It really is a perfect example of bilateral symmetry, a simply majestic building. Great shot