Midsummer in Finland :)

in archipelago •  last year

So the midsummer is over and for me it has been propably the best midsummer ever!
We have been sailing around in the finnish archipelago now for 5 days and soon im back home in my own bed.
Tomorrow were going to Italy so i think i will post a little bit more on my trip! :)




Our own made fridge on the beach to keep our drinks cold :P


There was a 1.5km walk to the beach from our boat so took some photos from the archipelago on land :D






The midsummer dance in korpo yesterday :)
Much people and music and a lot of fun!


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beautiful pictures cold bear yeah lets have midsummer
everywhere :) cheers

LOvely post thank you very much

Very nice travel pictures. I follow.

Would love to visit Finland one day...but not in the winter. The pictures are great. Love u for sharing

Great and atmospheric photos ... ! The majority of people in my region seem to think summers in Scandinavia and Finland are cold and wet due to the northerly latitude. However, it appears the summer weather over there is more stable than in Western Europe due to more continental influence. The nights in your location aren't completely dark at this time of the year I assume ... ?


No they arent :P

Amazing shots :0) looks so beautiful. Love the nature. I live in Sweden so midsummer is over here too. Thx for sharing. Have a great sunday.followed


Thank you! Hope you had a good midsummer to! :)


I did thx :0)

Love the fridge!! Gave you a follow and up vote, please follow back!

...and I was just eating stuff. Greetings from Finland anyway :) Maybe I enjoy the next Midsummer as much as you enjoyded this one. Nice pics.

Nice fridge and photos! :D


Thank you :D

These pictures are making me dream of traveling to Finland. What a beautiful place!!


I can say that it is worth it if you come here! :)

Great photos man. That first photo of the ocean is simply mind-blowing!! :)


Yup my favorite one to :)

Love the "extras" on your boat!
You just got a new follower, @linkku :))

Black and white are the colors of photography. To me they symbolize the alternatives of hope and despair to which mankind is forever subjected
thanks for sharing this great pictures . please upvote any post on my page and I will do same @abbeymelchizedek

Kaunista! :) Hyvää jussia!

I spent my midsummer in Helsinki with my friends drinking and smoking !
Next year maybe in countryside, who knows..

That "cooler" looks cool ;D


Samoin! :) Sounds like you had a good midsummer too! :D


Yea it was nice, but it's nice to go to the countryside every now and then ! :)

clean water, Finns are lucky

That looks like an amazing place.

thank you very much for sharing

I always wanted to be there. Such a beautiful place.

pls follow

Very beautiful scenery

wow great pictures - i hope to visit Europe one day too - how long did you stay in Finland ? i am now following you and upvoting -David


I live in finland :P


enjoy your trip to Italy then

Beautiful scenery ! Great shots you have here

i love this place

Surely wanna be there Sooner than later