Three Emotional Games Moments: Pac Man World, Grand Fantasia, Uno cards.

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Entertainment is always going to be something that people look for in an innate way, it is an excellent feeling to be able to experience something like video games (computers, play stations, video consoles, wii and others) and physical games (sports, table, creative and others) and clarifying this, I am a person who varied the games in life, in my experience i love more the old games, because they were more originals and fun specially because they put you to the test and you must have to be agile mentally.


No. 1 Excitement and Angry when losing in Pac man World

  • This game is one of my favorites since my childhood, the game entertained me all day, were not the best graphics, but had that touch of adventure as the Crash team racing or Mario Bross.
  • My emotions were happiness but there were levels where I felt vertigo because I thought my character would die, since he has little life and since it is an adventure he sometimes has his parts in which you should eat the enemies with the bright ball for a short time and even sometimes you were persecuted "a great persecution by the way".
  • My parents were encouraged to play with me and we exceeded many levels, sometimes I was stuck in the stage of clowns, or outside space, or in Egypt. And each time it got more complicated, I could even get angry, because I lost a lot and I could not stop playing it because I did not have a memory card.

No. 2 Discovering maps and up lvl in Grand Fantasia

  • This is a MMORPG Anime online game, that you played choosing one character and it has a lot of modifications, very funny and you can have friends and fight for be the best. This game has someting that keep you stay in the game, its not boring and the best is that there are many clases for gamble.
  • I play al the time with my cousin and my young brother its a game that keep us more closer as a family and we laugh when someone mess up or loose in a battle, but there is a story behind this game, you can take it to lvl 100 and you might be someone aclamated by the other players, cause its like a war and discover game and in the step you play you lear a lot.
  • My favorite part is when I advance to another lvl and my Pj has to go to another part of the map, because is divided into districts and continents and you learn about the culture, the story, the things you got to buy and monster who live in the deteminated place.


No. 3 The Moment when you send +4 to the person that is by your side

  • And the last but not the least important, this game is about picking cards... well starting who deals the cards, assigns seven cards to each player, and you have to use your mind because it is hard, itsa game that you can trust the guy next to you or the girl besides you, no matter the position.
  • This is one of the table games that you spend time with friends, family, if you want to make challenges or just having a great time, a curious fact is that was created and developed in 1971 by Merle Robbins in Reading, Ohio. The game is a product of Mattel since 1992.
  • My favorite part of the game is when I said ''One'' That means that I only left one card and probably win in my next turn. As the saying goes, ''always have your ace up your sleeve''. Its a lucky game because you will never know which card would they put in the table and if it's going to be to your benefit.

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You have a minor misspelling in the following sentence:

Its a lucky game because you will never know wich card would they put in the table and if it's going to be to your benefit.
It should be which instead of wich.

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Thank you @grammarnazi I fixed it.

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