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RE: My Wii U and How it Embodies All of My Old Consoles : Most Prized Gaming Possession

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I predict we'll see a spike in Wii U game values in the next 10 years or so. Games like Smash U, The Wonderful 101, and Xenoblade Chronicles X will go up in value like crazy. Especially for you! Importing things into Venezuela is already ridiculous.


Totally! Back when I still could afford to import games through amazon, I had to buy like one at a time! So you really can see the effort my dad I put into creating the library I showed up in the post!

It's a lot like what happened to the Sega Saturn in Japan. Low supply when it was alive, but collectors will start to snap it up later. Especially for the titles that don't get releases on the Switch.

I mean i'm down for that to happen, lol. I was thinking of selling it because I needed the money but I just couldn't do it. I think i'll keep it for a couple more years, lol