Most Prized Gaming Possesion Contest Entry

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I wouldn't say i'm the worlds biggest gamer but I do like to sit down and play every now and then when a really good title comes my way. You're classics, like Tomb Raider, GTA, Mass Effect, Tekken and Mario Kart have been my staples for years and my gaming journey has cost my myself and my parents a fair bit of money over the years.

I've camped out at stores waiting in line to get the latest console and attended a few exclusive gaming launches in my time as a gamer. Its brought me plenty of joy as a hobby and while some may see it was time wasted, the enjoyment I got from it was worth the investment in my opinion.

Consoling myself

I've played a couple of games on PC, but I'll openly and proudly admit that I'm a console gamer by choice. I prefer playing on a console and nothing beats the feeling of setting up your console on your TV, it just feels right.

Screen Shot 2018-09-30 at 22.40.30.png

A shot of my gaming set up before it was packed away and never unpacked

I've owned numerous consoles over the years and still own quite a few to this day. My collection includes:

  • GameBoy Colour
  • GameBoy Advanced
  • Gamecom
  • PS1
  • GameCube
  • Wii
  • Wii U
  • Xbox 360 (3 different ones due to red ring of death)
  • PS4

My prized gaming possesion

It's my no means the most extensive gaming collection and I would have loved to have had a PS2 or 3 but I worked hard for it and I love ever console i've owned but the one that has a special place in my heart has to be my PS4.

The reason I treasure it so much was because it's the first and only console I'd ever won! It was our companies end of year function and everyone who attended received raffle number at the door. I took mine shoved it in my pocket and well made my way to the bar, free drinks ya'll! Needless to say I got plastered and by the time the draw come around I wasn't really about my wits.

I was at the bar at the time of the announcement of the lucky draw and didn't really pay any attention. I took my ticket out just to memorize my number and as I did the number was called. I didn't hear what I'd won and made my way through the crowd.

As I got half way through one the crowd one my collegues came up to me and said "You won a PS4 you lucky cunt", I brushed it off and didn't pay him any attention, sorry I didn't believe you Micheal. When I got to the stage there it was waiting for me and they handed it over and it sunk it. I did just win a Playstation 4.

I'd never won anything in my life up until this point that wasn't a soccer match so for me this was a absolute shock and a gamer changer. Naturally in my drunken state, I lost my mind and was jumping around in a state of absolute euphoria.

Whenever I boot up my PS4 I always think back to that day & I'm super greatful :) It's a memory I will always cherish.

This is my entry for @enjar Gaming Prized Possesion contest found here

Have at it

Are you a gamer? Do you have a favourite game or console? Whats your best gaming related memory? Drop me a line in the comments gamer fam!

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That's a pretty sweet story. I have yet to own a PS4 and won't buy one myself so I am still holding out to own one.
My brother and I were just chatting about the old games we used to play; Civilization, Age of Empires, Command and Conquer, Roller Coaster Tycoon, Sim City and others. Thinking of older Playstation games have you ever played Turok? That game was super fun. So many games, this adult stuff isn't fun, I can't game anymore haha.


The PS1 was my favourite console hands down the amount of titles available were mind blowing. I loved Crash Bandicoot, Driver, Gran Turismo, Silent Hill, Resident Evil, Final Fantasy, Metal Gear and one of my favourite random titles was thhis game called Tomba!


You had to name all most the games I loved in PS1 generation!! Instant upvote!!


LOL when I think back on it, we we're really spoilt for choice with the amount of amazing games on the PS1. Kids today will never know how great it was, as advanced as games have become, the content and the fun that PS1 games had were unriviled to this day. The PS1 and my Wii were the consoles I had the most games for, probably over 50 on each because they were so much fun

Dude seems you dont like playing soccer!


How can you say that? I've been playing club soccer since I was 12! 3 serious knee injuries later you need to do something while you recover


Hahaha sorry I never knew. Did you stip when you had the third injury?


for 18 months yes but ive been back for over 2 years now :)


Lol...ok o. Good to know

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Thanks for hte support, much appreciated :)

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