Contest Entry: Challenging Gaming Moments

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This is my entry for @enjar challenging gaming moments competition. If you would like to enter you can find the original post here

Gaming moments

The most challenging game I've ever played would have to say would be Wolfenstein: New order & old blood expansion on playing on the level 5 "ÜBER", which is the hardest level.

First person shooter is not my speciality I'm more of an RPG fan, but If a game is good, I'll give it a shot. FPS games need an insane amount of hand-eye coordination and quick thinking. The slightest lag in decision making can be the difference between life and death.

Which is evident in the Wolfenstein games.

Reducing health

Unlike many FPS Wolfenstein gives you very little regarding additional health and armour. The game also adds an added complexity dynamic with its health overcharging. You can grab specific health that overcharges you above 100 but any health above 100 reduces by the second, so you need to make it count. Either to plan an attack or to find a place to hide.

During battles, you need to make a clear decision on how you will use these overcharges and make the best of it if you don't, it's bye bye!

What does Uber level bring to the table

The uber level means more enemies spawn at times and can quickly become overwhelming. Enemies also take a lot more damage before going down, and your health can take battering pretty quickly.

Also, your weapons also do less damage, so the combination of the three makes it hard to get through an assault barrage by enemies.

I haven't even mentioned the speed at which attacks come at you, its a frantic battle to try and attack, retreat, power up with items and make sure you're not killed and have to restart FROM THE BEGINNING!

Reacting to Uber level

So on hard, the odds are stacked against you in general, and then on the Uber level, the game kicks up the ante. You literally can't breathe at times; you hands will cramp up, it will be sweaty you will slip a trigger now and then which can be costly.

This game caused me so much pain and frustration I've had to take a few breaks before I lose my damn mind and fling my controller through my TV screen.

The madness of Uber level

I don't have any personal let's plays because they would be terrible to watch but I found this video on YouTube that illustrates the crazyness of this game on this level

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