When your thumbnail just isn't strong enough

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Artificial nails were in use many tens of thousands of years ago...

Just not the ones that normally come to mind, when that phrase is used.

I introduce to you the Thumbnail scraper.

When you have a bit of bark that need peelings, or a piece of leather, that needs a good scrape, to clean it up and soften it. Don't break a nail, use a thumbnail scraper...

Scrapers are made from broken blades and any other suitable stone flakes.

The edge of the flake is pressed against a hard stone to break off fine chips and steepen and strengthen the edge.

The flake or broken blade is held in the fingers as shown below.

The steepened and strengthened edge then provide a fine scraping tool...

The smallest ones are indeed the size of a thumbnail and these would be used for fine, delicate scraping tasks.

Generally for things like the final stages of softening fine leather, trimming bows and arrows, preparing food etc.

So even when you are stuck out in the bush, with none of the usual creature comforts, there is still no reason to break a nail!!!


Interesting, I find tons of similar looking items around the Pawnee Grasslands of Colorado! I've found all kinds of flint/chert, agate, petrified wood, jasper, etc, and a lot of it actually looks like scrapers or some type of tool. Do you ever help people identify what they've found?... Maybe when I officially start blogging I will have to ask my Steemit friends if they can identify some of my curious finds. Thanks for the informative and intriguing write up!

sure I will help, but its harder to do with only pictures

Just be sure to check your local laws, you can photograph it for sure with no issues but taking any of it can cause a problem or be illegal. Most states have laws saying you cannot move petrified wood at all. Anything like what is shown in the photos can be considered Native American artifacts and are generally protected as well unless you are Native American or have permission to collect them.
They can be interesting to find though and usually in the western US if you find one you can find more of them close by since once they found the type of rock they needed they would generally stop and make as many tools as they needed while they were there.
Enjoy the area you are in Colorado is some beautiful country!

Love it, Hoping one day to find a intact point or axe head. Mostly I discover flakes on my hunts some small and some quite large. Thanks for this informative post🐓

I used to find a ton with my uncle when I was a kid. I am going down to visit him next month I need to photograph his collection.

my sister's nails are stronger

LOL, Try to get my Wife on this site.
Interesting information, never heard about them.

Like the idea of fake nails so long ago

Really good posts on a topic I am interested in. I am always on the lookout for such objects in the great lakes area near the old copper pits.

post your finds

...shortly after this discovery, primitive man learned how to use practically anything as. Bottle opener... :P

Hehheh, interesting post gavvet! I am interested in archaeology too, just having some fun.

Cheers, from @thedamus

Gosh this was so interesting. Speaking of archeology, did you see the recent fin in New Mexico?

please enlighten us...

I imagine they still had much thicker and stronger nails then we do today

So this is what the stone age was all about, stone tools!

coincidental perhaps?

This is a sad commentary on modern man.

Thousands of years ago, people could not only make tools that made survival more likely but they were able to communicate concepts and methods from one to another without written language (or YouTube videos).

Many people today would die from exposure, thirst or starvation if the modern supply system were to shut down for a few days. Not to mention their inability to change a flat tire on an automobile.

We've come so far. :-(

take away the toys and the riots and looting starts...

They'll fight over the last case of bottled water.

BTW, I've flagged several people recently who have blatantly plagiarized your posts, this one and one of the others about stone tools.

They're easy to spot, they post the exact same images.

Concealed and precise.
They are can also be the best prehistoric assassination weapon that was ever made. :D

ssssh, don't tell anyone but I have taken plenty of these on a plane before.

Your secret is safe with me ;)

I could still use of these today. It's the worst when you need to use your nails for something but they aren't strong enough.

HAHAHAHA ok this one made me laugh! :)

Amazing that such old artifacts can still be uncovered...it's like literally holding a piece of history

yup, these stones talk...

... good article. You Nailed it!

That's a rare stone I guess. I am pretty sure it should be of great value. @gavvet

they are very common

I enjoyed this. I was thinking you meant photo thumbnails. Are these from the same people who used the Clovis points or Solutrians or?

they would have made scrapers too

That's so interesting. Thanks for sharing!
Have you ever made these yourself?

I was thinking a totally different type of thumbnail but hey this got me here and commenting haha

Same here lmao

@gavvet lol wut im confused xD

me too lol, but rocks are cool especially the huge ones in Yosemite

wow, you really DO learn something new every day! I had no clue that those even existed! Very interesting indeed!

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Thanks for the tutorial, it's a nail biter :) now...time to scrape my dogs hair from the carpet :(

OMG if only someone would invent a dog hair removal system that actually works - your comment made me laugh out loud - I definitely relate!

Thanks :)

Wooow Mega Power From Bittrex. how ?

A very intuitive name.
For a second I thought for a second this was a tutorial or class to make a thumbnail here on steemit haha.
Seems like a great way to reinforce your thumb and have as a hand tool rather than damaging or fraying your nails.
Another really interesting tool @gavvet

Dragonglass is still better than your "thumbnails"!
Dragonglass can kill White Walkers, while your thumbnails could barely kill a cockroach!

Kill a Cockroach! Not even your Dragonglass can do that, those little buggers can live through a nuclear blast.

I'm in dire need of a few of those!

Great post my friend!

Nice tutorial man.keep posting

Thanks for sharing They say the nomads were experts at sharpening tools.

Thumbs up for a stone scraping tool.
Finally, i found a perfect object to scrape my back in a shower.

Waao cool info .

I can feel my little boy scout coming out as I came to the end of your post. hahaha, thanks for sharing! Good stuff. Cheers!


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Interesting information, never heard about them. Nail cutters gives little pain so this will be the altenative.

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A handing survivor tool

Stone age era. Then stones were used as tools during the early man.

This is a very interesting post and it's great to see how our ancestors used to do things before modern tools and metal were founded! In a survival situation these would come in handy as you said, more like a multi tool 😊

Thank you for sharing this with all of us I found it a very good read and that's one more thing I can say I've learnt today!

These look like some Stone tools made by the Neanderthals during the stone age. Very nice Archeologically artifacts. Was it excavated by you? Pardon my interest in history and archaeology, my mum is a historian.
Nice post, upvoted and followed you

Good post^^

Great! I didn't knew about this. Its time to scrap every thing.

ah nice thats what i am looking for finally got one nice post.

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@gavvet! you wil never seize to amaze us. this is really brilliant. but WHAT?


Interesting post @Gavvet. I upvoted :)

Thanks for this article...

@gavvet i also have one in my house. Am using it to scrap my leg. But if i may ask, WHY did you like STONES too much?

they tell a story

I just love looking at those polished pieces of rocks! Yumm yumm

I have found many of these in Shell middens.

Very interesting! I really enjoy getting back to basics, makeshift utensils. Thanks for posting! :)

We rely so much on machines that we have forgotten the real means of surviavl and using crude tools for maximal effectiveness.

Interesting article. I have resteem this article

That's very interesting.

Man, early humans had to endure some mean trouble to get their meal. Lucky us!

ahaa this is interesting thing i found out today :D

@gavvet here's the article I was talking about. I'd love to find something like this during a hike ;)


That's news to me, about human civilization, how people think, and find ways, to take care of their nails. thanks for sharing.

In our place, Aceh, has not been found, how people take care of their nails, in the past. If I had guessed, they just cut, or lengthened the cuckoo, and did not beautify it, with such an amazing tool.

However, when I was little, we had worn fur skin or sharp bamboo skin to beautify the nails. Is it possible in Aceh or Southeast Asia, a tool to beautify the nails, is the skin of a reed?

My thumbnails are pretty weak. Steemit needs to fix this problem. (yes, I read the post).

Nice thumb dude ..

I like it..

I really like your posts and they are really interesting. Well done to you that you have the time and the patience to write so many posts is really nice
Thank you for everything

great post man

Très bon article. Comme d'habitude vous nous faites épater avec vos pierres Merci.


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