Time to leave the stone age and visit the iron age.

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Iron Age cultures existed up until the eighteen hundreds in Southern Africa.

Below are some examples of various types of iron age spears made around that time that are at least a century old.

Different types of spears heads and spears were preferred by the different tribes.

Thin and Slender for throwing spears and stouter and broader for stabbing or thrusting spears.

Zulu's preferred the Assegai or thrusting spear and Xhosa's and other tribes the throwing spear.

The throwing spears are inserted into thinner shafts and the stabbing or thrusting spears are attached to stouter shafts.

Various methods are used to secure the spear point to the shaft.

  • wrapping with a leather thong - center
  • encasing the wrapping in a wet piece of leather that contracts and hardens as it dries.
  • inserting the shaft into an iron receptacle as is the case with the stabbing spear.

These spear heads are beaten into shape while repeatedly heating and beating an originally round bar to produce the thin, but strong blade.

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Great pictures. That spear head on the far left seems particularly fantastic to me.


My favorite too, have chased an intruder with this one


Sounds like one of those crazy moments in life--but I'll bet the intruder was surprised.

Here, I'll just sneak into this place to swipe something. What the...? The owner is coming at me with a spear? Hope he doesn't have a blowgun as well he thinks as he runs off.


Hi @gavvet I've written an article about you, check it out if you can, thanks.

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Any idea when the african people started mining iron for weapons? Also was it's something they discovered themselves or was it past down from Roman era, maybe explorers?


Iron ores of many varieties are plentiful in Africa, This teck was introduced to Southern Africa by tribes migrating down from the north. SA hunter gatherers were stone age up till that time.

What I find fascinating about ancient metal working techniques is that they did a lot of processes which have the same effects as we use today in terms of hardening and working the metal into a useful tool.

I'm a metal worker and we are taught the effects our processes have down to the structure of the molecules. These guys wouldnt have benefitted from that level of knowledge but they did know how to use similar techniques to have the same effects.

In fact some people believe that some ancient metals were actually superior to todays such as true Damascus steel (not the modern recreated versions).


trial and error is a good teacher

Deadly weapons.. safe to say combat striking & war is your thing. I love defensive training, this post resonates some, cheers!


nope, I just like old stuff that tells its own story


weapons are always dangerous.....we have to be conscious

Too bad they don't do black smithing like they used too. That old style hand pounded iron looks really good.


yup, and keeps a strong and sharp edge

I think, different types of spears heads and spears were preferred by the different tribes because there were many different species as well.
My guess, the bigger the animal, the longer the spears head should be?


Iron age tribes were pastoralists, these spears were mainly for warfare, not so much for hunting.


Well, in this circumstances, I would not want to get stabbed with either one....

Hey, did you find them in your garden? :d
Officially the stone age garden.


actually, one of them yes

"Time to leave the stone age and visit the iron age" cuz of bitcoin 1th August right? XD new age of btc


lol... didn't think of that

And they probably forged it in a furnace made out of clay.
Did they have an iron mine or did they picked it up from the ground?


All of the above

great article :)
is this your own spear collection? Or are those pictures from a museum?
have a nice day! ;)


my own


oh wow, really cool ;)
so I guess you are an archeologist?

Very interesting! I have never looked into this any deeper than what I have heard in school, but this was definitely interesting. Very nicely written, short and simple, yet very informative. If you are interested in poetry and have some spare time, I have poems on my blog that I invite you to read, especially my new one; https://steemit.com/poetry/@lukakorba/her-psychedelic-poetry-poem

Thank you for sharing this. :)

Great article.. I love reading about ancient way of existence.. Cheers for the efforts thst have been placed into writing this and all the best of wishes from me 🍻


The rightmost one looks like a cake spade.

It is fascinating to see how human tend to develop and keep searching for something new.
Nothing is lost, Nothing is created, Everything changes


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When I look at the picture in your post, I am reminded of this sharp object, an object usually used for hunting. The people of Aceh often expel pigs that disturb plants with this thing. @gavvet

Hi @gavvet I like your posts. Thank's
People in rural areas in my country still wear spears and other traditional weapons to hunt and protect themselves from wild animals while gardening. They do not use firearms, because my country forbids possession of weapons in private. But the way, you have the same hobby as my husband 😅.

I would not want the doctor to work on me with those tools!

Thank you so much for the support you are giving to my posts. I hope someday to be able to return... Nice post very interesting.

amazing craftsmanship,but without belabouring a point ( no pun intended) and returning to your previous post, why did these tribesmen not use metal- headed digging tools instead of weighted sticks to dig tubers? I just can't get past this - it seems puzzling to me. I mean, yes, back in the stone age they'd use primitive methods, but surely as they progressed they used metal tipped tools for farming type tasks?


the hunter-gatherers had no knowledge of iron smelting

Great sharing. Loved the pics. Ancient people achieved mastery in making of these spears and stouter, in-fact various other weapons with their hands and stones only. I also like reading history and visiting historical places. And trying to write about those, here in steemit itself :)

Evolution Is The Way To Go Bro :)

This post reminds my how I was helping my uncle who was a blacksmith to beat the red heated steel into different shapes, mainly clamps for wood fixation. I was always so enthusiastic when visiting him.

Those primitive people were very creative and skillful, they were blessed with those ingenious ideas, and talents.


fascinating post that reflects the past , and how our ancestor where very creative thorough the ages right up to where we at right now, and i'm grateful that you shared this info, thanks for post and i also upvoted and followed you

That's a nice collection of spears @gavvet! Really very precious! Have you ever used them though!?

Isn't it crazy how far we've come

After stone age, people tried their best to get important tools made from iron. They used them for their daily lives tools. Thanks for sharing such an amazing fact.

Nice info. But @gavvet, tongue more sharpen than a spear,Rite? :D

Post quality.

Spear is a weapon that is widely found throughout the world civilization, mainly because of its manufacture and the cost of making a cheap. Spear is a weapon for hunting and battle, its part consisting of a stick as a handle and a sharp eyes and head of a tomb and sometimes hardened with other materials. Along with the axle of the spear is the first tool made by human beings and in line with the development of stone and stone masonry civilization which is smoothed to replace the stronger and durable metal. Thanks for the post, very interesting and me

a little revisit will make us appreciate and value the enormity of our growth...
These are crude implements which are difficult to use compared to the smooth sailing and ease with which we carry out our works these days

Nice post! Those knifes are dangerous

They were the first weapons, it's interesting to see how humanity is progressing everyday. Thanks

deadly weapons, I imagine of dropping myself holding one of those. Are these your collections?

Hy @gavvet its looks very old .are they use in fights ?
or it is only for showing .whatever i am enjoyed the post :)
voted and followed .I tried some poetry have a look hope you like @funnystuff
Love ❤And Takecare🌹

What a really cool spear collection @gavvet
It reminds me of my trip to Africa and how I went through a couple of museums looking at these beautifully handcrafted spears.
It seems like they have aged pretty well.
Great Photographs bud! :)

Que buenas muestras de lanzas, Saludos.

The mystery on this life event is how a group of people like them discover and create metal out of nothing. Maybe more advanced life form help them.

Metal of good quality. Very well preserved. Thanks for the post

Congratulations for your excellent post, I invite you to follow us and we grow faster, greetings

Hello sir @gavvet, how are you? Can I ask you a favor to resteem this post pls. She needs a coffin for her father who died yesterday.

The good poster I like, in my aceh place there are still many ancient archaeologists like spear, sword, rencong, and ax. In the past they used this tool to hunt and refrain from enemy attacks. So the shape and model from time to time.

Wow great pictures

The Ancestors live through great posts like this...
Big UuUps

Africa is great

Impressive photo collection . Makes me re-define what hardship actually means .

De colección!! Saludos

Thanks for Share! like your post and love it!

The last set of your pictures has a "dart" feel into it.

Beautiful !
Reflecting human civilization .
Thank you so much for sharing !

I'm an Earthbender and Metal Bender #Avatar

Awesome traditional weapon.!

Great info, awesome work....

you always have these kinds of articles...about ancient things...I like it bro...Do you have axes?

Nice article...

Wow! I learnt a new thing today. These spears look scary!

Great Gavvet

Amazing post! It's quite fascinating seeing the pictures. Like a blast from the past👍🏾👏🏾

These iron age weapons look harsh

Wow nice find. I love old things. And these look amazing

Very interesting. I also photograph old weapons lately. Just had a canon from 16th century in my motorcycle series :)

Great post my friend!

I learned something new today!
Thanks for posting!
....upvoted and resteemed!

nice photos

Those spears look nasty back in the days. btw, great shots. Cheers.

Great part of our history. We need more articles like this. Good job @gavvet!

Amazing pictures! In my opinion this weapons are very interesting :)

Excellent article brother !, hey, can you help me with a vote of yours? I would thank you from the heart!

great picture

I just noticed the title of this post.... Did you do a post on the bronze age?
Did I miss it?
It always amazes me how humans discovered this kind of stuff. I guess once they started heating metal bearing rocks they must have tried all kinds of different ores. But how did they first discover this I wonder?


lead melts at campfire heat


So do you think this was the "first" metal ancient man discovered?
I guess it is like fire or the wheel, we will never really know who first discovered them.
Perhaps it is synchronicity. Things are invented/discovered at the same time in different parts of the world.

Great collection of historical weapons... and picture...but this is too effective. ..🗿

@gavvet Nice pictures,
Is this a weapon of antiquity
If this is all your collection, I really like to see your post

You had a great idea! Those objects are very interesting, I want it in my kitchen!

Hello my dear friend
I liked your account
I follow you
I'm happy to follow my account
Good luck

Nice post

I wish that this day will become for you a canvas of happiness, embroidered with a thread of merriment, stabbed in the ear with needles of joy.

Truly magnificent tools time to visit ironage with ironman for sure.

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Oh? Those spears are all yours, like a collection? Or you just had the one you chased the intruder with?

Gorgeous your post

Hi @gavvet I see this post is very amazing, keep giving the best post and visit my blog @bangjal see my content in it I wait for you come :)

Creo que hay que resaltar que el ingenio utilizado por los africanos, al desarrollar su sistema siderúrgico, llegó hasta su máxima expresión para la elaboración de sus implementos de trabajo, caza y defensa. Tanto así que sus hornos eran hechos con troncos de banano, usando una técnica que permitía obtener el metal de una vez, evitando la fundición del mineral. Cabe destacar que en África, en la actualidad, hay una verdadera cultura del hierro, y aunque parecía desaparecer, por no ser competitiva, está tomando un nuevo vigor, puesto que están utilizando metales recuperados para fabricar objetos utilizados en lo cotidiano. También, en algunas comunidades de Nigeria, este metal fue elevado al rango de divinidad, con el nombre de Ogun y que actualmente invocan como patrón de aquellos que hacen oficios metalúrgicos.

Esta información está disponible en el portal de la Unesco y pueden verla completa AQUÍ

Mi upvote para este post.

Thanks for sharing the pics of these tools and i love the spear one most

Look quite old.
Where did you find them and what do you do with them? :)

Great. How did you get it

Nice Post!!!
Upvote and Follow me please

umm those last ones look super sharp! OWW. Thanks for the history lesson!

Sometimes these spears are laden with poison too. Then the hunter tracks the animal as it dies.

Various types of spearheads. It's time to hunt deer

amazing post dear

I hope we all came back to this kind of system where you can't see guns, ripples, tanks and other war equipment or machines use in the battle, coz every time i imagine about those i always thinking why those things are built, if the age of stone still existing you can all see bravery of all warrior seeing a fight of a man to man battle with swords, shields and spares.

Please vote, follow and leave a comment! @a-jeffrey

This is fantastic and I love its ingenuity.

I was always fascinated by our ancestors and their tools...

Formerly fighting without firearms, the spear was the most powerful weapon used against enemies or hunted. According to my understanding of the development of the age, we humans will come back again like the past. The world will end as well as human life, we humans when the baby can not talk and walk, when we are old will be back to be a baby, so too this world, humans will again use spears to survive.

The effectiveness of the Assegai is still appreciated today.
assegai spear
The company is Cold Steel and they have several different models of spears, both stabbing and throwing.

interesting post.human minds are so innovative,from stone weapons to iron ones.