A stone artifact found on the way to work.

in archaeology •  last year

It looks like any other stone to the untrained eye.

But in these parts stone tools are plentiful and can be picked up pretty much anywhere, where there has been some digging done.

It is recognized by the fact that the left side, in picture, has some flakes removed to produce a sharpened edge. The right side, in picture, is still untouched with its naturally rounded corners and edges.

This type of stone artifact was manufactured from a couple of million years ago till about 100 000 years ago, so it could have been manufactured at any time during that period.

This type of tool is called a chopper, since it was generally used in a chopping motion.

This particular tool was made for use by a right handed person sits it fits very comfortably in the right hand but not so in the left.

It shows a lot of wear and so was heavily utilized before being discarded.

It could have been used in the precision grip as pictured below.

Or in the power grip pictured below.

Based on how the stone has been worn and broken it is most likely that it was held in the power grip and used as a chopper in the chopping motion indicated by the arrow below.

These tools were used for chopping wood or bone during butchering a kill.

I love the area I live and work in.

It has good rivers, good soil, good climate and good tool making material.

For these reasons the area was heavily utilized by early humans and there are plenty of signs of that every where, if one cares to learn what to look for.

I picked this one up on my way out of the train station in Pretoria.

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Looks like..... a stone!
No seriously, kinda cool you noticed the wears and tears of it. Seems like it fits the power grip quite nicely. I'm just glad we stopped using stones as tools.

This type of stone artifact was manufactured from a couple of million years ago till about 100 000 years ago..

This is fascinating. Many people think that the humans who made and used stone tools were Homo sapiens, ie: less than about 200 000 years old. But the earliest dating goes back 2.5 million years ago, made by Australopithecus garhi in East Africa.


We have some pretty old tools down south too


Absolutely. It's amazing to think how carefully we take care of our "priceless" antiquities, cosseted in museums, handled with soft gloves, and here are truly ancient artifacts just lying in the veld.


Yup, in the sun and the rain... and they have done so for millions of years

Hello @gavvet.. You were right in saying that to an untrained eye 👁️, like myself, it just looks like an ordinary piece of stone. You must posses a lot of knowledge about the surroundings of your area and hence you were able to distinguish & pick this relic out of the ordinary ones... 👍👍👍✌️


No, just have worked with a lot of them, after a while they begin to jump out at you because they look out of place


Couldn't have agreed more with you on this. Experience is something that can't be bought on Amazon.com.... 😛
One needs to put in the hard labour to gain it. And I am sure you would agree with me on that, with your personal experience (or at least I assume so 😀)...

Nice, I used to find a lot more artifacts like this when I lived in rural Texas, not so much anymore now that in Southern California. My Dad loves this type of thing and we used to spend time hunting for then together.


It's great fun hunting for and finding artifacts, some of my kids enjoyed it more than others.

Hey @gavvet
I find many artifacts in my country India too
Here people don't want to know about their past and history but there's a lot to learn here.
I see these artifacts in himayalan wildlife.
Steem on !

What an interesting tool, I would never have guessed. However< Africa is the cradle of mankind and who knows how many of those are still lying beneath the earth. Thank you for sharing


I have a few tonnes, that I have picked up in the area... and those are just the nice ones


You really have much of these. maybe send a picture of your collection. They are real nice... it al started with this tools and now we have steemit and crypto..lol


Very interesting find and breakdown @Gavvet! South Africa is so rich in history and artifacts. I should look down more haha!


you should!

Great post, I love the old stuff. That time without crypto, internet.. That was a hell of a time if you compare it with now. Doesn't mean it was worse.

It's amazing what we can find around us. There's so much stuff in the ground. I'll follow you because I love this kind of discovery. Thank you for sharing this with us.

This is a really interesting post, thank you very much for sharing this with us :)

Kickass, I wish that would happen to me:( I can totally picture it


giphy (3).gif


Great Post, Upvoted


great movie

I wonder how strange it would be for a person from the stoneage to live in today's time. Many things are automated today, and precision of tools has sky-rocketed as compared to the tools from the stoneage. We have reached the moon, the very moon we used to worship. Kinda weird but very fascinating...


Fascinating to contemplate for sure, perhaps they will clone a Neanderthal.

There are still stone age cultures in very remote parts of the globe. The Khoisan(bushmen) have adopted modern lifestyles without to much difficulty when raised that way.


Aside from the ethical issues of cloning, it would be very interesting to observe how a Neanderthal reacts to today's technology, which to him would be almost like pure magic.

I can see how the Khoisan have had no difficulty transitioning into today's lifestyle and it's quite captivating. I imagine that suddenly coming into contact with advanced technology would be very strange from a Neanderthal. It would be very much like if anyone of us came into contact with Alien technology. "How does it work? How did it got here? Where did it come from? Who made this?", a thousand questions seem to pop into human mind at once.

How much do you think a stone like that is worth ? ;)


not much it's a very common specimen and not at all distinctive

wow man -- that is super interesting - i have found some Aboriginal stone tools before in Australia and i love rocks in general. You have a good eye spotting it when walking around.


the good eye comes with practice and there are so many here you get plenty of practice...


i fosseck for sapphires and have found many -- love of rocks leads to plenty

Très bon article et photos.
La pierre est très belle vous avez fait une très belle trouvaille.



We have an interesting archaeological museum not far from Escondido with lots of similar artifacts, used and left behind by native Americans. I suspect I've walked past similar stones without recognizing them!




It happens a lot.

Yo @gavvet , I just wanted to point out a mistake in your post.
'I love the are I live and work in.' are should be area


Thanks for the catch...


it seems to small to chop anything expect your fingers while trying.


Even in it's broken and bashed up state it protrudes well beyond the fingers. Before it was broken it would have protruded even further than that.

The smaller choppers were made for more precise chopping tasks, larger ones were made and are found, they were made for more heavy duty chopping.


Ok, thanks for explanation :)

I noticed there is nothing peculiar and special from the stone that you hold master @gavvet, is it a kind of sacred stone or a stone that can make us immune from sharp weapons ...?




O yes masters @gavvet, I ask like that because in my area there are still many people who read about the mystical, such as keris keramat, plates that can make saltwater bargaining, maybe it happens because their mind is still plebeian, when in fact if we believe mobile phones can be like Magic, let alone from the old days who do not know mobile phones, maybe then people will not believe as happened in the era of technology as it is now.

Wow you identified so much just by looking?? So interesting :)

that is pretty damn cool! and well spotted... doubt 99% of others would have given it a second glance... lol

Yup saw a few documentaries on stone tools! So cool you found one...

Sadly, the world is full of "untrained" eyes.


Its on my desk at work right now... there are billions more from were this one came from, this one is not a particularly impressive specimen and ones lying on the surface being kicked about have virtually 0 archaeological value.


send it to some museum them. Or sell on e-bay for 150$ =)

An excavation seems to be done there.
Isn't that an paleolothic stone implement

@gavvet I love your writing, but I can't fault you for believing this stuff. "How will they know unless we tell them" paraphrase of the Pauline epistle to the Romans 10: 14-15
I am still new here, watch this and follow me, we need to chat bro. and I will show you something I found. @lordp

This is SO interesting I love archaeology . Amazing to be able to see the tools that our ancestors used. Just incredible. Thanks for the post.

I think it was a normal stone, when I first see it...

splendid artifact... a very healthy weapon for chopping wood or bone...


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They were also used to lit fire. Awesome study @gavvet
Thank you kindly

Nice discovery, upvoted and followed =)

That is truly an amazing stone artifact used by early humans..... one of the best and the rarest antique artifacts on display, thanks @gavvet for sharing this interesting information.

I like stones because its seems mysterious for me and i even collect its. I have nuce collection of unusual stones.

Super nice post, even our own memories went not that far back in history :-) But what was life difficult,... sending crypto by flames/fire ...... Maybe they had fun with it aswell !!

thank you for sharing^^

Hey Gavvet, I am quit surprised to see with a stone how you got upvotes and nice comments from steemers. Any way appreciate your analysis and the skills you attracted people whatever you pick the blog

I see an ordinary piece of rock, but wow, it's so amazing that you have a lot of knowledge about these kind of things!

that's an interesting stone thanks for letting us discover this stone thanks for sharing and keep on posting ;)

You must love your career on stones very much...

Olmec colossal head!

I love stones...damn great post @gavvet!

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great post follow me :)

up vote and resteem.

Very interesting finding @Gavvet!

South Africa is so rich in artifacts and history.


You are very observant! If I were you, I just throw away it...

yea nice artifact bfore this tone means a lot

Very interesting. Great post

great man.

Stone age tools

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very cool! I really loved petrology and geology :-)

That's a fine looking stone, not many archeological areas here in Los Angeles but I am surrounded by tools.

I probably would not have noticed unless I knew to be on the lookout for such things.

The development of the brain is absolutely astonishing.
It is in our brains where memories are storied, thoughts are created, experiences are perceived, and visions turn into actions. New pathways, or synapses, form each time we learn something new, so in this sense, we most certainly create our own realities based upon the thoughts and experiences we have most often

Its a ... rock....

Nice one, the shape of the stone show that it have served a lot of people for ages. Is thoughtful of you to take notice of this artifact and to share it with the community. Upvoted. Weldon.

nice post, it look like a stone


I found a similar rock, but mine seems to be more precious like it contains some gold ore in it.

Do any of you have any idea what it could be?


looks like schist, a metamorphic rock

wow... if it is 'Paleolithic' stone, then researching area around the place you found must be necessary... !!!

This must be wonderful to be able to identify rocks like you always find I feel to dumb to reply but find it really fantastic that someone can do this. I do suppose that we all have something we know a little bit about. But when it comes to rocks I just use them in the garden. Thank you for explaining so nicely.

You did a nice job by noticing the St and by sharing. Thanks

After I read your article I became very understand about the usefulness of a stone in the past or pre history, and I really like it. Oya I have also followed @gavvet you and please follow me and if my article interesting please in votes @ nauval