2018-01-13 Saturday: DAILY OATS: HAWAII ARCADE

in #arcade6 years ago

False alarm in Hawaii. We are still alive. North Korea did not blow us up. But who pressed the button to spread the fake news on the end of the world for the West Coast of the USA? Please ask people that on Monday. Dinosaur media will forget about this in two days. Saw Eddie today in his car. He is doing fencing. Has a wife. Knew him when he was a boy years ago. Am downloading Nintendo and Sega and Sony and other video games and emulators and stuff. What ever happened to the day when we used to run around and play and go to pizza places to play arcade games and stuff? Running out of space on hard drives. Deleting videos to make space. Tough to organize said my mom. Agreed. This is my private daily diary post. Praying for Hawaii. Can we vote out Hawaiian Politics Swamps in 2018? Trying to figure things out and stuff today and each day. 2 videos today. 208 photos.


2018-01-13 Friday 1 PM CL: DAILY OATS: Hawaii Arcade:
Oatmeal Joey Arnold



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