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in arbitraging •  2 months ago

In you invest in the a-bot by firstly moving ETH into the platform and exchange it to ARB Or you can buy ARB tokens directly at the externally exchange named: Coinexchange.

You then invest the ARB into the A-BOT which will in turn convert your ARB to their dollar value and lock that sum in the bot.

From then on you will start earn daily dividens which are between 0.6%-1% . You will get them in ARB but accroding to the dollar value that you deserve based on your investment so if you invested 1000$ worth of ETH and todays dividend is 1% and the ARB token is worth 2$ you will get 5 ARB (1000*1%/100=10$ , 10$/2$ arb value = 5 ARB)

I've invested in 5 ETH back in 5 of July when ether price was about 450$. My locked in dollar value was 1864$ which was lower then 5 ETH value because I made a bad exchange call when I've exchanged my ETH to ARB back then.

Until today I've managed to withdraw my daily dividends with a total of 2.16 ETH!

The amazing thing is that in you can withdraw you intial investment anytime. So if I withdraw my 1864.58$ inital investment I will get 1864.58$ worth of ARB token which in turn will be exchanged to 10.2 ETH in the current ether value! more then double my investment not counting what I've already withdrawn from the daily dividends.

If you know what you getting yourdelf into an know that this is still a very high risk investment I will highly appreciate it if you signup under my link :


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