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in arbitrage •  last year  (edited)

Good day guys!

Just want to give u a brief arbitrage suggestion: Dropil

First of all if the dev and the team are not talking bullshit and this is not a ponzi....then i guess this one is the token i was waiting for. Tomorrow DROP is launching officially on IDAX and as most of the time we will probably see a major boost.

Have a look at the screen the arbitrage opportunity is already there even if the volume is nearly non existent for the arbitrage opportunity.

IDAX provides a lot of day trading volume and yet has not really a lot of coins listed.
Drop could really jump in it's price as more exposure brings more buying opportunities.


Heaven shall come for daytraders. But please be careful seeing it as an investment! Not yet! Only invest what u are willing to loose! I jumped in and i am satisfied til now :)

See you on the other side! Thank me or hate me later! :D

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