What Arbitrage Trading ? How can we easily do that

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Aftar 6 Day i am writing any article Actually was in a trip i will upload that photograph in next post in this post i am going to tell you


1 What is Arbitrage Trading ?

2 How we can do it so easily ?

So if You can understand Hindi Properly than watch my this video you will get all the answers here or read the full article

So First Q. What is Arbitrage Trading

Ans. In simple word You buy any coin at low price at an exchange at the same time you sold those coins in higher rate

For Ex. You Bought Sc ADA on Bittrex at $0.149
And Sold on Bithumb at $0.172

Mean you can get $0.02 profit on each coin if you just buy and sell at the same time


Than what is the problem It is so easy to do this question may be coming in your mind Because when i first time listned about Arbitrage i also thought in the same way

So here is the problems

1 How will you know the difference between coins because you cant look at all the exchange at one time
2 It is also difficult to know transaction cost of all exchanges on purticular coin
3 Also dificult to calculate your profit after geting all this answer

So here is the Solution

Crypto_cal_app Telegram channel and application

This Bot will tell you the best arbitrage from any exchange to another

With Profit % and Transaction Fees

It will also help you to calculate your profit with 10000 inr Ex on any coin

Join telegram Group https://t.me/Crypto_Cal_App

This service is not free you hav eto pay a little fees so that the team can run the bot for you

So the fees is only 3 XRP which will cost aprox 1.5$ only for 1 month

Here is come Command which you can use to get best arbitrage and calculate your profit

I will show you only 2 command you can learn more command on group

To get best arbitrage from an exchange to another

Ann Best Arbitrage From "which market" to "which market"

To calculate profit

/calc "Coin name in capital latter" "exchange" "excahnge"

My next postwill be travel trip photography post so stay tuned

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