The ARAW Token- smartly designed for the e-commerce marketplace

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You have seen that in the e-commerce market the use of the cryptocurrency is increasing, the commercial business find that it is one of the easiest ways of making payment. This need of the reliable platform for digital currency gives the birth to The ARAW Token. It is one of the decentralized forms of the ecosystem that runs on the ethereum blockchain platform. It’s now become the heart of the cryptocurrency and e-commerce combined. It uses to try much for the rewards shopping in the form of the cryptocurrency by connecting people to this ARAW Token platform. This platform wants to provide the effortless accessing to the users for the use of the cryptocurrency. They don’t want that their users deal with complexities that lesser the interest in the cryptocurrency. To understand it well let’s see some of its attractive offering that they use to design for the commercial users: Unified reward system In this way, the ARAW wants to transform the poor industry in the fusing shopping rewards that grab the potential customers together for the product. They help them in serving the rewards in the form of the cryptocurrency and motive the new form of the investment. Being in the market they even try to work technically by offering the support to the vendors and individual sellers. This token can also be adopted in any of the locations with easy. It’s global decentralized offer virtually the limitless and fastest growth of the token. This platform can seek to penetrate the e-commerce platform. It is even good for the regular retail shops and for doing this they don’t have to do any change in the user perspective. ARAW touch and the pay card This is known to be a single platform or a card solution made for all kinds of rewards programs in whatever the shopper is interested. This allows the customers of the world to earn reward points easily with their daily online purchase and with that a customer can also make payment by using the pay in which the use of ARAW tokens fall. Any of the users can easily make the use of these tokens in making the payment. · ARAW card touch and pay card – enabling micropayment · ARAW Token work as rewards between the multibranded merchants · ARAW mobile wallet- work to peer to peer easy transfer like the exchange or cash back · ARAW pay – allow making the online payment in just one click · Open API platform- designed to attract the merchants of the global by offering them the plug and play widget website option When you look into the banking system integration you will that it works in the section of buy and sell ARAW tokens that been an attraction point for the customers. Here the transaction easily gets into the account of the customer's wallet and in their bank wallet. This liquidly of the token is the main reasons because of which customers and sellers getting attracted towards the ARAW Token. It brings a new revolution in the digital currency world and makes payment option easily for the commercial business tycoons.








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