I am an Arab and proud of that

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There is no doubt that the one Arabs countrys, the strong solidarity, has become a distant dream and is on its way to becoming a myth thanks to the arrogance that engulfs the Arab mentality, which is relegated to the love of fancies, lusts and corruption.

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The term "Arab citizen" has been surpassed today, and each one of us boasts of his country and forgets the great nation. For example, there are countries that can be considered the cradle of the Arab nation, which they see as contributing to the amputation of this project or the dream if it is true, thus making it a pasture for corruption, immorality and all kinds of luxury, competitions and festivals. It is dangerous to use Arab workers like slaves and All kinds of exploitation and racism are practiced against them

What is sad today is that we are distorting the image of the Arab man by our behavior. Today we are fighting and fighting each other in a failed war from the beginning, and the winners are the enemies of unity, heretics, atheists and secularists.

I am proud and in every sense of the word I see myself as an Arab citizen and not a citizen of a particular country. We are Arabs and our great homeland is our homeland. The names are a scheming and a knitted game exploited by some to destroy us and weaken our strength.

The suffering of some of those who are affiliated with this great nation in order to destroy our values, morals and moral history will not be able to undermine our resolve. We will remain ambassadors of this nation wherever we come to love our values, teachings and humanity.





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