Patience الصبر

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Dear friends , A man is never without a misfortune in his life

For example, this lost his father , child, friend, lover, or colleague ; The world was darkened in his  eyes, and another person was seriously ill ; His body was destroyed, his body was badly damaged, and another  suffered a severe loss in his business and lost all the money that he had ; Collected by the sweat of his forehead over the days and months, but that these calamities all if they hoped to find it pure suffering from God and the insured happy

  the believer that the whole thing is good, that the injury earned thanks was good for him and his injury was patient patience was good for him and no one but the believer, who lost Habibp patience and reward and paradise and patient disease has had expiation and elevation or God bless him recovery and lost his trade Instead of God, either to make up for it better than it or be in the balance of his benefits on the Day of Resurrection

But there is a calamity that is greater, greater and greater than those calamities. All are calamities, which have plagued many creatures, and they do not feel the calamity that we may be afflicted by. We do not feel and those who suffer them are forbidden. Chest hard heart, Fada hard heart frozen the eye did not cry for fear of God and the weight of the soul did not rise to obey God


ايها الاصدقاء   لا يكاد يخلو انسان  ابدا من مصيبة مرت به في حياته 

فاكثر الناس قد داقوا من النعم الوانا وكداك قد قاسوا من المصائب انواعا ,تخيل مثلا هدا اصيب بموت والده او ولده او صديقه او حبيبه او زميله فاضلمت الدنيا في عينيه واخر اصيب بمرض خطير فانهك جسمه واهلك بدنه وثالث   اصيب بخسارة عضيمة في تجارته وخسر كل الاموال  التي جمعها بعرق جبينه على مر الايام والشهور ,الا ان هده المصائب كلها لو تاملتها لوجدتها محض ابتلاء من الله والمؤمن فيها سعيد

  عجبا لامر المؤمن ان امره كله خير ,ان اصابته سراء شكر فكان خيرا له وان اصابته ضراء صبر فكان خيرا له وليس دلك لاحد الا للمؤمن ,فمن فقد حبيبا فصبر فله الاجر والجنة ومن مرض فصبر كان  له كفارة ورفعة او يمن الله عليه بالشفاء ومن خسر تجارته فعوضه  من الله اما ان يعوضه خيرا منها او  يكون في ميزان حسناته يوم القيامة 

لكن ثمة مصيبة هي والله اعظم واكبر واشد من تلك المصائب كلها  مصيبة قد  ابتلي بها خلق كثير ولا يشعرون مصيبة قد نكون من ابتلي بها ونحن لا نشعر والمصاب بها محروم الا ان يتدارك الله برحمته ,انها مصيبة قسوة القلب أن يمشي الانسان على رجليه صحيحا معافا وفي صدره قلب  قاس ,فادا قسي القلب جمدت العين فلم تبك من خشية الله وثقلت الروح فلم تنهض لطاعة  الله 


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