aQuest Powering The Freelance Industries With The Help Of Blockchain Technology

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World’s population increases day by day more employment demanded hence world's population is directly proportional to employment and no one can create jobs in one night so online freelance industries have a free space to grow and it is growing day by day. All youth are also like to work from the comfort of their home but more freelance jobs are also needed to be created to full-fill their demands of all job seekers and there are so many backlogs of current freelance platforms so a new platform needed.

Introducing "aQuest" a decentralized app created and managed by "Enkronos", The "aQuest" app simply rewards all participants for finishing a specific errand. "aQuest" offers anyone to make showcasing efforts that attention on compensating its members. Members to a journey are required to complete an assignment so as to be qualified for a reward payment toward the finish of a mission. An undertaking is a carefully checked activity that a client is required to finish so as to effectively take an interest in a journey.

You can create any kind of tasks like social media tasks (like, share, subscribe, comment, watch, etc) and other types of tasks like survey, bounty, etc. "aQuest", utilizing the most astounding insecure cloud conventions in every gadget, rearranging client the board and making undertakings anyplace on the planet, enables clients to perform assignments, while additionally helping them agreeable. . All exercises are coordinated into ENKRONOS applications and help you make a redid set of substance makers.

The "aQuest"(AQU) flag is the administration marker of the "aQuest" platform. This procedure is utilized in the stage for trade, dissemination, and credit. The TOQU flag fulfills the ERC20 standard in the Ethereum square chain. AQU signs can likewise be changed over to the essential state utilizing ENKRONOS signals.

This is an Enkronos improvement organization. The AQU (and ENK) signals are the best way to utilize the "aQuest" Quest stage. ENK signals are administration signals utilized for activities on the Enkronos stage. What's more, "aQuest" is coordinated into this stage.

Enkronos is a profoundly specific organization for business visionaries and mechanical advancements. The organization's primary movement is web improvement, remotely advanced correspondence, improvement, multi-stage arrangements, and design.

What is the aQuest token and its uses?

aQuest (AQU) tokens are the utility tokens utilized for activities on the aQuest stage. aQuest urges producers to make showcasing efforts for paying individuals. Analysts should total an action to get an honor toward the finish of the examination. An errand is a computerized test that the client must perform to take an interest in a known call (precedent: study, love on Facebook, and so on.).

The point of the mission is to execute ventures, money related administrations, correspondence offices, little and medium-sized endeavors, etc. To create. Giving administrations to ventures. The show and the free segment will have more mindfulness and development in this innovation. AQU is the truncation of token dependent on a shrewd etheric understanding and makes it perfect with erc-20. It will be utilized as a standard type of payment on the aQuest stage and can be promptly changed over from ENK (ENKRONOS token). All exchanges on the aQuest system can be made utilizing Enkronos stage. Since aQuest stage is incorporated with Enkronos stage.

After the generation period of 200 million markers, the group chose to pass every one of the tokens that did not sell Enkronos d.o.o (an organization in Slovenia that created advanced techniques in charge of the distinctive phases of offers of ENK tokens). No different tokens will be made, mining will be made or printed to keep up the token esteem.

Token economy:

PRICE: 0.0006 ETH

For more information must connect to aQuest
Website, Telegram, Twitter, Whitepaper

This whole conclusion is all my thought. Hence aQuest targeting freelancers and so many freelancers joining day by day so more space to grow aQuest and more people are searching for genuine jobs on the internet so aQuest have great future.

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Risk warning!!: All the information above are not financial advice and neither legal nor illegal advice all are my opinion and this article is of your knowledge Before. investment do your own research because nobody will responsible for your profit or loss

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