Roy Horn from Siegfried & Roy Died From Coronavirus - The Tiger Code Of The Illusionists

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APX Siegfried Roy White Tiger 277 59.jpg

Roy Horn from Siegfried & Roy has died yesterday on 5/8/2020. And his numbers are probably more magical than any of his illusions on stage in Las Vegas, including his white tigers.

He died on 5/8 from Coronavirus (!), 58 days after the Coronavirus Pandemic was announced on 3/11/2020. He also died a span of 5 months and 8 days after the first Coronavirus case was reported on 12/1/2019.

From Coronavirus Pandemic to Roy Horn death are 58d.PNGFrom first Coronavirus case to Roy Horn death are 5m 8d 58.PNG

"Roy" equals 58 in the English Ordinal gematria cipher.

58 Roy.PNG

And from the 58th inaugurated president Donald Trump's inauguration, which happened on a day with 58 numerology (1+20+20+17), to Roy Horn's death are 3 years and 110 days - for the 311 Coronavirus pandemic number.

From Donald Trump inauguration to Roy Horn death 3y 110d 3110.PNG

From the last total solar eclipse on 7/2/2019 to Roy Horn's death are 311 days.

From last total solar eclipse to Roy Horn death are 311d.PNG

And from his death to the second Great American eclipse on 4/9/2024, which creates an X over the USA with the first, having its midpoint on 12/14/2020, where the next total solar eclipse happens, are exactly 3 years and 11 months.

From Roy Horn death to second Great American eclipse are 3y 11m 311.PNGGreat American Eclipses.png

Very interesting, considering that Robin Williams, the super Golden Gate sacrifice, died a span of 3 years and 11 days before the first Great American eclipse. (And also died exactly 311 months after the song Don't Worry Be Happy was recorded, where he played in the video clip).

From Robin Williams death to first Great American eclipse 3y 11d 311.PNG

311 and 113 are connected, not just because they are each others reverse. But because they both connect to the celestial gates of Isis and Osiris, the Silver and Golden Gate.

113 Gate.PNG311 Portal.PNG

113 Roy Horn.PNG

And to the next total solar eclipse, that Great American Eclipse midpoint eclipse on 12/14/2020, are 7 months and 7 days from his death, for a magical 77.

From Roy Horn death to next total solar eclipse are 7m 7d 77.PNG

From the last total solar eclipse on 7/2/2019 to Roy's death ate 44 weeks and 4 days - the 444 number of "killing" and "suicided" in English Sumerian but also MMXX (2020) and "Nuclear" (we will get to the nuclear theme below).

From last total solar eclipse to Roy Horn death are 44w 4d 444.PNG

444 Killing.PNG444 Suicided.PNG
444 MMXX 2020.PNG444 Nuclear.PNG

From his death to the next total lunar eclipse on 5/26/2021 are 1 year and 19 days for the 119 - 911 golden ratio verse of Revelation, Rev. 9:11.

From Roy Horn death to next total lunar eclipse are 1y 19d 119.PNG

Let us not forget the upcoming Great Conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter on 12/21/2020. From Roy's death to that astro event are 227 days. 22 divided by 7 is 3.14 - Pi and hence a holy number in this study. The 227th anniversary of the Illuminati was in 2003, precisely on the day the 2003 Iraq war ended. The same year like the tiger attack (see below).

From Roy Horn death to Great Conjunction 2020 are 227d.PNG

The Tiger Attack

The Simpsons episode 91 Siegfried Roy White Tiger attack.jpg

Already The Simpsons episode 91 (equals "Phoenix" in English Ordinal gemtaria) from 1993 predicted an attack of one of the white tigers against Roy. 117 months and 17 days later, on 10/3/2003, the tragedy happened in reality. 17 is the 7th prime number.

From The Simpsons episode 91 with white tiger attack to Roy Horn's tiger attack are 117m 17d.PNG

By the way: From The Simpsons episode 311 to the Golden Gate at 267° day were exactly 91 months.

91 Phoenix.PNG

Well, from the tiger attack to his death are 6062 days. That is 266 reversed, the "sin" number, Pope Francis papal number and the previous position of the Golden Gate of Osiris, between 1939 and 2010.

From tiger attack to Roy Horn death are 6062 266, 662.PNG

Of course, the Golden Gate 267° day has also a marvelous number connection with 2626 days. The Golden Gate is also called "Gate of God".

From tiger attacking Roy Horn to real Golden Gate at 267° day are 2626d.PNG

26 equals "God" in English Ordinal and "YHWH" in Hebrew gematria.

26 God.PNG26 YHWH Hebrew.PNG

But also "Virus" and "Disease" in Full Reduction gematria and he supposedly died from the Coronavirus.

26 Virus.PNG26 Disease.PNG

Connection To Germany

Siegfried & Roy are Germans, so connecting them to German events is important. This becomes immediately evident, as his birthday AND the tiger attack attack both are on October 3rd - the German Reunification day. He was 46 years old when East and West-Germany came together again on 10/3/1990. 46 equals "phoenix" and "sacrifice" in English Reduction gematria.

46 Phoenix.PNG46 Sacrifice.PNG

And on the day of the tiger attack he turned 59 years old. "Tiger" equals 59 in English Ordinal, the eternal symbol for Siegfried & Roy, both before and even more after the tiger attack. What a coincidence...

59 Tiger.PNG

On that day, the German Reunification was exactly 156 months ago. 911 is the 156th prime number, just as "Don't Worry Be Happy" pointed with exactly 156 months to the September Eleven Attacks.

From German Reunification to Roy Horn tiger attack are 156m.PNG

The tiger attack happened 2 years and 22 days after 9/11.

From September Eleven attacks to Roy Horn tiger attack are 2y 22d 222.PNG

From the Weimar Republic founding on 11/9/1918 (German "Schicksalstag" because of multiple historic German events on November 9 or 9/11 as it is read in Germany), to Roy Horn's Tiger attack were a span of 31010 days, yet another 311.

From Weimar Republic to Roy Horn tiger attack are 31010d 311.PNG

From Roy's birth to the German Grundgesetz (basic law, the closest thing Germany has to a constitution) are 55 months and 5 days.

From Roy Horn birth to German Grundgesetz are 55m 5d 555.PNG

"Entertainment" was the essence of Siegfried & Roy's work, which equals 555 in the Jewish gematria cipher.

555 Entertainment.PNG

And from the German Grundgesetz to Roy's death are exactly 71 years.

From German Grundgesetz to Roy Horn death are 71y.PNG

71 - the 20th prime number. Both "Gate" and "Portal" from the 113/311 connection equal 20 in the most geometrical cipher out there, the Septenary cipher. According to numerologist Marty Leeds, this is the only relevant cipher that exists in English. I disagree, but 2020 seems to indicate that it is indeed a very relevant one.

20 Gate.PNG20 Portal.PNG

The Septenary gematria cipher is based on 1-7.
Septenary cipher.PNG

And Germany's chancellor Angela Merkel was 3434 weeks old on Roy's death, while the tiger attack happened a span of 12 months and 12 days after Merkel became the leader of the conservative party CDU.

From Angela Merkel birth to Roy Horn death are 3434w.PNGFrom Angela Merkel becoming leader of CDU to Roy Horn's tiger attack are 12m 12d 1212.PNG

A Nuclear Theme?

From Siegfried's birth to Roy's birth are exactly 277 weeks.

From Siegfried Fischbacher birth to Roy Horn birth are 277w.PNG

277 is the 59th prime number. Remember how Roy got attacked by a tiger on his 59th birthday? Remember that "Tiger" equals 59? How fitting, that the two guys who are famous for tigers, connected that way with each other.

59 Tiger.PNG

Roy's birthday October third is the 277th days in the year (in leap days like his birth year).

October third 277.PNG

The number 277 equals "Atomic Bomb" in the Jewish gematria cipher and has crossed my research often before.

277 Atomic Bomb.PNG

Now check this, to see that this association is not so far streched:


From the Hiroshima bomb to Roy's tiger attack are 58 years and 58 days - just like he died later on from Coronavirus on 5/8, 58 days after the Coronavirus pandemic and 5 months and 8 days after the first Coronavirus case.

From Hiroshima to Roy Horn tiger attack are 58y 58d.PNG

And from the bomb to his death are 74 years and 277 days.

From Hiroshima to Roy Horn death are 74y 277d.PNG

74 Nuclear.PNG277 Atomic Bomb.PNG

Chernobyl Disaster

From the nuclear Chernobyl disaster, which is super coded in all directions, to Roy's tiger attack are exactly 910 weeks. That is 91 like "phoenix" and also the start of the 911th week.

From Chernobyl to Roy Horn tiger attack are 910w.PNG

And from Chernobyl to Roy's death are exactly 1776 weeks. The founding year of the Illuminati and the USA, which is 888+888 and also the height of the new World Trade Center One.

From Chernobyl disaster to Roy Horn death are 1776w.PNG

Fukushima Disaster

Roy Horn was a span of 24266 days old on the Fukushima disaster, carrying the 266 for the Golden Gate and "sin" number.

From Roy Horn birth to Fukushima 24266d.PNG

But much better than that is from Fukushima to Roy's death: 9 years and 59 days, a palindrome number that creates 959 forwards and backwards and always contains 59, the prime number from 277 and Roy's age during the tiger attack.

From Fukushima to Roy Horn death 9y 59d.PNG

APX Siegfried Roy White Tiger 277 59 1776 nuclear.jpg

Year of The Tiger

There have been many tiger events in the past weeks. I do believe they point to the Chinese Year of the Tiger, which starts on 2/1/2022.

  • The masked singer 2020 had a "white tiger", who dropped out 38 days before Roy's death, which equals "death" in gematria
  • There was a tiger with Coronavirus in the Zoo of New York (reported 33 days before Roy's death)
  • There is now a popular show on Netflix called "Tiger King" (came out 1m 19d before Roy's death)
  • More Netflix tiger shows: Tiger - Blood in Mouth, Tigertail, Tiger Girl, Bill Burr Paper Tiger, Young Tiger
  • Tiger Woods had his huge comeback last year (55w 5d before Roy's death) and now his tiger documentary
  • The actor of Life of Pi, Irrfan Khan, just died a few days ago; he sat in a boat with a tiger in that movie (he was born 267 months and 4 days after Roy, for the 267° of the Golden Gate).

From Roy's death to the Year of the Tiger are 20 months and 24 days. 2024 is the year of the Second Great American eclipse.

Fascinatingly, from the Year of the Tiger to the Second Great American eclipse are 26 months and 7 days, 267 - the position of the Golden Gate. The same time can be expressed as 2 years and 67 days - 267 again. And the Second Great American Eclipse happens on a day that leaves 267 days in the year.

From Year of the Tiger to second Great American eclipse are 26m 7d 267.PNG

April eighth 48 84 99 267 leap year, second Great American eclipse.PNG


Very interesting and alarming, I took it all in.
Are all these connections (even the ones not mentioned) even humanly possible to pull off?
If this undeniable proof of higher dimensional alien manipulation or God himself pulling all the strings to make ALL of this possible?
What is your personal take on this matter?

My other question is, do you ever get restful sleep at night knowing all of this? Where do you think this is all going?

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