April Fool's?

in #aprilfools2 years ago

I would like to say April Fool's!

But, nothing about life is actually a joke right now.

Yes, you aren't imagining Steem being a complete shithole filled with unadulterated botting and farming. Gosh, I gotta give it to them...I can't even bear making more than 2-3 posts a day. Even at 100-150 words each.

Yes, Hive happened. I still find that a bit hard to believe.

Yes, COVID-19 is ravaging everyone's life.

Yes, pending economic disaster is a thing.

Yes, you aren't imagining all these natural disasters happening around the globe.

I wish the entire 2020 was a joke, but it ain't.

Stay safe out there.


hi @enforcer48

I just received your unpleasent and saddening message on discord (and I cannot reply since you already blocked me).

LeonisToday at 10:16
The fact that you are willing to support @bullionstackers, a known abuser is where I draw the line.
Please. Never talk to me again

Seriously? Are you really telling me not to ever talk to you again because I replied to someone who I hardly know and who is your enemy? Does it make sense at all?

I know nothing about bullion and his past. And judging me because of action of someone else (someone I hardly know) is simply sad.

I naturally will respect your wish, since you just proved how LITTLE OUR FRIENDSHIP meant to you.

Regards, Piotr

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