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Funny how one's best laid intentions can end up creating an unexpected dilemma .

My morning started off with an early venture into jungle known as The LBC....Long Beach California. Home of Snoop Dog and his next door neighbor, Dr. Dre.
My journey had nothing to do with the glamour of hip hop though. I was on a mission to the Long Beach Police Department in order to obtain some paperwork needed to establish Costa Rican residency of a friend in need.

Initially, everything was going well...I managed to locate the Police Department ( they were nice enough to let me off with a warning for driving the wrong way on the one way street in front of the P.D....oops, construction zone).
I found my way to the proper receptionist, and after a short wait, I was able to pay the fees for having the documents provided and notarized , and soon I was on my merry way. After an illegal u-turn and a wave good-bye, I headed out on my two hour trip back to my High Desert homeland.
I stopped for a sandwich and beer to-go and proceeded to hit the freeway, which was already in progress.

I merged into the sea of cars and trucks and settled in . Although I had virtually every bit of music known to man available at my fingertips through the magic of Spotify ( except for the hot licks of @edprivat ), I decided to just turn on the radio.
I proceeded to fire up a spliff to take the edge off and my real trip began.
As I Drove up the 605 freeway at the breakneck speed of 25 mph the music began.
The next three random songs shaped the rest of the drive.

First came a song by The Eagles...Lyin' eyes. For me, this song remains a melancholy reminder of a past love. As I sang along , I felt her presence . I also sensed that there was more to come. Did I mention that this beautiful woman (may she rest in peace ) was the mother of the friend for whom I was doing this little favor.
Next on the airways was a song by one of her son's favorite performers....Raspberry Beret, by Prince.
I felt like this song was for him and his wife.
I was thinking of them and feeling their love.
Finally the third song came on as the flow of traffic began to smooth out. Tom Petty was singing "Running On A Dream" and I was flyin'.
I rolled down the windows to feel the cool breeze (and ventilate the smell of Gorilla Glue from the car )
All of the sudden I heard the sound of papers flying around and before I could react...you guessed it...one of the notarized documents flew out the window .


Needless to say, the rest of the day sucked.
Oh well. I really did try but sometimes plans just go to shit!

I hope my friend will have patience with me to ultimately get his paperwork taken care of...this is what happens when you combine old people, Gorilla Glue, and Mercury in retrograde, and oh yes...April Fools!


Yoooo! That was a great write up, thanks! Thanks for getting those documents and thanks for adding April Fool’s at the end—that sucked for a minute!

I know you threw this together in no time, too, I think you’d be pleasantly surprised if you just threw something together like this... just five days a week. Just sayin.

Eh, I’ll cover your next trip to the ranch, is $50 fair? Don’t short change yourself—be real.

Thanks a lot Vicci.. love you brother. 👍🏿

I’ll help you spread this one around—good luck!

Glad I got a little rise out of y'all before the April fool. Everything in the story was legit...except for losing the papers. They did blow around enough to freak me out but i quickly protected them.
I'm always here for you and one of these days I'll visit you there.
Moving is a biatch.

Haha… good one @carklevicci. When things in your story took a turn my exact words were “oh shit…” said kind of laughingly out loud. Haha… I’m glad it was uneventful and seemingly painless. Bless your heart for doing that for us. You are irreplaceable friend!

Anytime I can do something for you, just ask. Im happy to be your friend xoxoxoxoxo

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