Google Opinion Rewards for Android & iPhone

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Hey all this is just a quick post sharing an app I've been using for a long time now.

It's called Google Opinion Rewards.

It allows Google to use your location data to provide you with surveys via push notifications.

These surveys can be used for multiple things including:

  • ratings for stores and restaurants you recently visited
  • market data research
  • reviews on Google maps

The first is the most common one I get. I buy a lot of coffee when I'm out and about it. It seems like almost every day I get a quick survey asking me how my coffee shop experience was.

I like it because I get about $0.30, so over 10% rebate on the price. In addition it gives me a way to provide feedback, letting people know if service was great or horrible.

The second is more rare except when I first downloaded the app so I'll skip to the third type.

If I stay at a hotel or hostel I'll often get a survey which not only asks for a star rating but in addition gives me the opportunity to leave a review.

These surveys generally pay $1 and the big difference is your name (and google account photo) will show up beside that review on Google maps.

I can't remember the last time I actually paid for something on Android because I get so many surveys now. Its not juat apps either you can also use the credit for in app purchases and monthly app subscriptions.


As you can see I'm sitting at over $20 credit now, so I thought I'd share the app for anyone else who might be interested.



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Good to know about this method for generating some digital pocket change!

One thing you may want to do is to note in your review that you're releasing it under a CC0 License (public domain dedication). This may enable it to be used on additional platforms, not just Google. It'd be nice to get paid while not solely contributing to a walled garden that will eventually give Google more market domination. Now whether anyone will be able to mine these reviews and identify CC0 ones is another question. But I've been doing this with my Amazon & Yelp reviews for a couple years.


Great tip, I didn't realize you could override the license of the platform owner you're posting through!


It will depend on the specific terms of service you've agreed to with each service. I'm guessing most agreements just give the service a nonexclusive irrevocable license to use the content however & forever. You still own the rights to the content however and can therefore license it to other people as well. Creative Commons licenses are public licenses that offer anyone the ability to use it under the terms of that license. CC0 tries to remove any copyright, so anyone can reuse it without having to worry about the legality.

With the case of Google Opinion Rewards, it is potentially work for hire, a legal concept whereby employers own the copyright of works that they commissioned. If this is the case, you are not the owner of the copyright of the review and therefore cannot license it. I am not sure whether the small payment provided by Google for these contributions would make them work for hire.