The Man Cave is finally open!!

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We're open folks. Yup, we've finally opened our doors to the Man Cave. If you're interested to see what the hype is all about then why not jump in and give us a wave? You can find us by clicking on this link - soon we hope to hand out free cigars and whisky on arrival! And a golf club membership (if that's your thing!) haha.

All joking aside though, I decided to open up our doors early. I have a few friends that were desperately excited to get this place rolling and the last thing I wanted to do was to disappoint them. Basically I have decided to let the community have a large say in our general direction and how our new coin will be used in the future. So I'll be trying to get as many people involved as I possibly can. Don't worry if you're too busy or lazy for any responsibility. We'll eventually have plenty more places to chill, relax or just have fun.

So what are we about?

The Man Cave is a community driven platform solely focused on the empowerment of men. Yeah, some people may say this is a bad thing, but I insist it's not. I am highly experienced in community development through several years of working at the grass roots of society, and if there's one thing I've noticed that's universal in every area that I visit, is that there needs to be something for men to be men. We are told so often what we should be, or what we can be; I'm inviting men to come to a place where just being you is perfectly acceptable -- whilst perhaps picking up a skill or two.

So far we have experienced writers, fishers, health and relationships know-it alls, fitness buddies, wellbeing helpers, our very own in house Marriage and Relationships counsellor by trade, and hopefully a psychologist! Ahem, @bosssarah :P

The Elephant in the room - Why am I not opening a place for the empowerment of all?

I thought long and hard about this idea. I mean I'd love to catch as many people as I can but there were two things that stopped me.

  1. I am not a woman, and since I am the leader of this Project; I wouldn't understand 50% of it. That's too much for me. I need to have a good general idea of what I'm doing and the confidence in my abilities to take a project forward. As much as I DO understand women, I am NOT a woman, and I can't relate to any experiences women have had. I just can't, and that's the honest truth.

  2. Time. I'm dedicating around 80% of my online time to this project and as much as I trust everyone around me and in their ability to handle stuff without me there -- I just don't trust them to be as committed to this as I am. People have lives, I can't expect anyone to drop everything just for me.

It's also nice to have a dedicated focus for the project. We used to set up these in our community all the time but where we'd fail was the fact that we'd have no focus, no direction. So, being about men, that and I love my fellow brothers, and that it's sorely needed; we now have The Man Cave

New coin!!

You might not be aware but we’re developing our own coin on the new Whaleshares platform in the upcoming months. Thanks to the admins I was talking to on the Whaleshares server that liked my idea, offered me to build my own coin, and said he'd delegate stake to the project until we get up and running. Good, right?

We would also like you guys to have a say on what it can do and how it will be used, so please get your thinking caps on and suggest some things to me in our Discord. This is a community channel for the community.

Those that want to can

Ever heard that phrase before? What's stopping you? We're trying to have as many rings to this community as we possibly can. We are looking for all skills, trades, and ideas. If you think you have something valuable that you can add to the community then by all means, come in and talk to me. I swear nothing is too technical or far out there - I appreciate any skill or hobby. If you do it, then others will too! We aim for others to grow and learn. I am also looking to reward contributors at some point - so be aware.

This is a BIG social project

Make no small assumptions; this is a cross platform project. So not only will I be sending this out to Steemit folks but it will be going out to all of my discords, my Magazine, and all of my social channels amongst all of my die hard supporters. I am aiming for male empowerment and a gentle introduction to cryptocurrency for some. Kindness, compassion and respect is the way forward my friends. So be one of the first to make a stand :)



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@newsteemians Thank ya - been here for years :)

really its very good work

This sounds like a really interesting initiative and I'm definitely interested in checking it out!

@papacrusher Thanks dude! I'm sorry I'm late on this - but I'm happy to have you in here :)

I appreciate the good things that good men bring to the space. There are qualities I appreciate in men and I support any healthy place that helps them sharpen (or smooths) those edges as needed. This sounds exciting and I hope that you develop a large community!

@miklkent I like the way you said that - you should join us!

Don't think I can buddy. I'm a woman. A non-custodial mom and someone who "gets it." I have more male friends than female friends for sure. I really do mean what I said though. I do appreciate what good men bring to the space and I do encourage healthy environments for growth of those good things.

Now if we can only get women to communicate their feelings in a non-blaming way.... :)

@miklkent I guessed that you were a woman! :) - Women can come in too you know. It's for the empowerment of men, yes, but women can totally be involved too. Some of the largest strides I've made in my life I couldn't have done without some solid woman-friends in my sphere. I'm a great believer in that the sexes compliment each other, rather than create friction.

Oh, the blaming, yes! Haha. Well, some men could do with help in that area too ;)

I appreciate the invite, but I know the purpose of man-caves. It's OK for women TO NOT be there and more women need to understand that. If they understood the true purpose of it, women wouldn't feel so insecure about it.

For any woman who's read this who may disagree with me, just watch this. A Tale of Two Brains...

Good men in good man-caves are A GOOD THING.

Women, if you don't believe me, feel free to read "Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus." Yeah, seriously, do it.

My best, best, bestest friend ever who is a man -- sometimes goes into this "man-cave" for TWO months at a time. And I have to remind and reassure myself he will come back out and everything will be OK.

And he does and it is. And he loves me for it. Well, you know, not that way....

@miklkent All fine. You're totally right - you don't need to be in here. I'm sorry if you feel pressurised into being in here -- that was not my intention! :)

I'm not a fan of that book - men are from mars. I'm more a fan of what Allan and Barbara Pease had to say about our differences!

I didn't feel pressured and I'll be sure to add that one to my library. :)

This sounds extremely interesting, definitley interested in checking this out!

@ericstotle Yup! See you in here - hope you're having fun :)

Congratulations @raymondspeaks! I'm a firm believer in something like this. There are so many groups for women, and a gathering place for us has been an acceptable thing for years, so I'm all for men having the same kind of opportunity. Good for you to not only see the value in something like this, but taking it a step further and creating it! I LOVE steemit for this kind of thing!!

@lynncoyle1 Thanks Lynne!! You should join us - women are welcomed without exception. I believe one cannot exist without the other :)

Welcome to Steemit @raymondspeaks
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@jyotirmay Thanks - been on steemit for years :)

Welcome to Steemit. I implore you to explore the platform and enjoy your time.

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@yungchief Thanks - been on steemit for years :)

Hi, raymondspeaks! Best wishes for a very happy journey here on Steemit! All the best

By the way, there are several groups you as a newcomer can join. They will stay with you for your journey, helping and mentoring along the way.

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Excellent dude..

Mind blowing post bro

@mahesh7 Glad you liked it :)

WELCOME IN THE MAN CAVE ! I like that :)

I'm not a psychologist. I am a Licensed Professional Counselor Associate (LPCA) and a Nationally Certified Counselor (NCC). Thanks for the invite! I take it as a compliment, since it is called the "Man Cave" and I'm note male. ;)

Welcome to Steem, @raymondspeaks!

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