How to setup SmartDNS on Apple TV?

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Do you have an Apple TV and want to use it abroad? Need to find out how to setup SmartDNS on Apple TV to unblock TV channels and more?

An Apple TV can be used for lots of purposes. You can use it to play games, to listen to music, watch films and you can use all the fantastic apps available for example to stream TV channels and watch programs on demand. But, when you travel to another nation you will often notice that applications will not work properly and live streams turn unavailable, because of geographical restrictions. This is for example what happens if you leave England only to find out that you can not watch BBC live streams anymore, or if you leave Germany you can not watch ZDF anymore. Luckily there is a way to unblock these and lots of other services, and here I will explain to you how it is done as you setup SmartDNS on Apple TV.

Maybe the best and cheapest SmartDNS provider is Unlocator, and this is how you setup Unlocator SmartDNS on Apple TV.

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Setup SmartDNS on Apple TV

The first thing you need to do is to visit the Unlocator website and sign up for their services. It is completely free for seven days, and after that, the price is 5 USD a month.

After signing up you will need to confirm your email address and then you can login to their control panel. There you will find one very important information, the address of their DNS servers. Now do as follows:

  • Start your Apple TV
  • Enter Settings — General — Network
  • Choose WiFi (or Ethernet), depending in what you use.
  • Select Configure DNS and select Manual.
  • Add the following DNS address:
  • Now you return to Settings and send your Apple TV to sleep. You should also remove the power cable for ten seconds and place it back in.

Your Apple TV is now setup with Unlocator SmartDNS and you can watch lots of your favorite TV stations and services online on your Apple TV again, even though you are outside the country in which the app belong.

This service does not work with all apps and TV stations. I have of course not tested everything all around the world, but I do know that it works with CBS app, NBC app, FOX app, HULU app, BBC app, TV Player app, ZDF app, NRK app, DR app, SVTPlay app, Zattoo app and lots of other apps.

Why can’t I download an app from the Apple Store?

What you can notice is that if you are located outside the UK and want to download TV Player with which you, for example, can watch ITV online it will not work. That is because you can only download certain programs if you have an Apple ID registered in that given nation. To fix this simply visit Apple ID and create a new Apple ID in that given nation and sign in with this Apple ID on your Apple TV. You will then be able to download the requested app in the Apple Store.

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