Will Apple Become The First TRILLION DOLLAR Company?

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Apple has been one of the most influential consumer tech companies for quite some time now. A company that started out in a garage is today the most valuable company in the world (by market cap.) and that journey has been long and one full of ups and downs.

A company that had great promise in the 70s almost went bankrupt in the late 90s and after Steve Jobs’ return, it was again put on the path of prosperity and the company has never looked back since.

One after the other, Apple has managed to deliver successful and innovative products. In most of these cases, it wasn’t even the first to do it but with its minimalistic product design, combined with sleek, in-house software and world class marketing, Apple has become one of the most successful and profitable companies in the world.

After Steve Jobs passed away in 2011, many feared that the company’s best days were officially behind it, but Tim Cook proved them wrong by enhancing the financial performance substantially to the point that analysts are predicting it to be the first to reach the $1 trillion valuation. Can Apple really do it?

Slowed Innovation

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No matter what the marketing and PR executives tell the world, it is no doubt that after Steve Jobs’ passing, innovation has slowed down considerably at Apple. Jobs was a visionary and he used to push people (sometimes even bullied), to get the results he wanted.

Although Tim Cook is a master at operations, he is no visionary and that shows in the way the company has been operating since 2011. It seems like Apple is now on an evolutionary mode instead of a revolutionary one.

The Apple watch that many thought would be world changing and the next big thing, didn’t quite manage to establish itself as a futuristic game changer. So, after the iPad, Apple has introduced only one new product and that too, a lacklustre one.

Inspite of all this, the company is constantly shattering records with its quarterly earnings reports and if the inside chatters and rumours are anything to go by, we could soon see the first trillion dollar company.

Upcoming Products Could Push It To 1T

Although the past few years have been more or less lacklustre for Apple in terms of new products or technologies, the coming years will allegedly reignite that spark that the company is famous for.

Based on all the rumours from consistently accurate sources, some of the products and services that Apple will launch in the coming years could definitely push it beyond the one trillion dollar mark. Let’s look at some of these.

iPhone 8

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While competitors like Samsung and others have already adopted the better OLED screens and have even gone further to include curved screens in their smartphones, the iPhones have pretty much stayed the same.

Things are about to change big time as Apple will not only incorporate all those technologies (playing catch up) but will be going one step further by introducing a lustful iPhone 8 that is expected to have a full frontal display with no bezels, long distance wireless charging (finally) and tons of other upgrades. The iPad is expected to get the same redesigns and features.

In fact, the rumour mill has been going crazy and even the sales of iPhone 7 have been impacted by consumer anticipation of this promising sounding new phone.

AR Glasses

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I have talked about Augmented Reality before and how it will totally change our computer interfaces forever. Some companies like Oculus and Samsung have showcased their VR devices and Google tried its hand with the Google Glass.

However, no company has managed to introduce a revolutionary product in this category that has gone mainstream. If we know one thing about Apple, it is that it makes mainstream happen.

An AR glass would spark a move away from traditional computing and usher in a new era of a world where you are no longer bound by a screen and you’ll get to experience magical stuff that you can only imagine right now.

An Apple AR glass could be an iPhone moment for the company all over again.

Siri Speaker

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In just about two weeks, Apple is expected to launch its own Siri speaker that will be a smart home device and will be positioned as a direct competitor to Amazon’s Echo.

Smart home is another area where we will see an exponential growth as products get cheaper and the norm of controlling your home through your phone or just voice goes mainstream.

Original TV Shows

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Looks like Apple is prepared to battle it out on all fronts. It already sells the Apple TV hardware and is looking to aggressively push into the original content territory.

In fact, before AT&T went ahead and bought Time Warner for $85 billion, Apple was looking to do the same showing that it is serious about original content.

Apple also unveiled recently its Carpool Karaoke series and will be launching the Planet of the Apps show as well in the spring.

Autonomous Cars

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Steve Jobs was once famously asked what he would have liked to do next had he more time and energy. He had said that he would have wanted to “take on Detroit with an Apple car.”

It seems like Apple will be honouring his wish after all as they are rumoured to be pursuing a fully autonomous car.

This is still not expected for a few years now so it might not have too much of an impact on the company’s valuation but knowing that Apple is expanding its horizons and looking to spread its territory might give it a big push up.

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The odds are there but they will have to pick up the pace on innovation and functionality first if they want to keep up with time... Great article! Thanks for sharing, namaste :)

yeah, I think that's what they are planning to do. They have been in the backseat for too long and are loosing their "innovation driving company" image. They need to be on top of things for a change.

Well, I am excited about I-phone 8, and maybe some miracle happens and I might be able to grow some followers so that in 6-8 months, I will be able to earn some money from Steemit and Purchase I-phone 8. Another Thing that seems fantastic is Apple car, but it isn't releasing in a few nearby years, so I will not plan for it. As always great post @sauravrungta

Hmm with the rate of errors on the iPhone I would not run fast to get a car made by apple, in fact I would prefer it not driving anywhere, apple don't seem to have their shit together on security.

Haha, well I am Not that rich guy who buys stuff on the first day of launch, I am that guy Who waits For I-Phone 8 so that I-phone 7 rates are slashed and after a year, I have loads of suggestions how it works and Should I purchase it or not. Similar would be with the car. So There is not much issue.

The logical choice would be Tesla which will have almost perfected the technology by then :)

It may have perfected, or maybe someone else, But these type of cars, I am sure we will see in a few years.

Definitely. The future is one of electric and self driving cars.

Well as long as Apple get their shit together before that, or they don't make cars at all, it seems all kinds of hacker types can break into the iPhone, and their computers are not so much better from what I understand, so they need to get their security shit together.

It sure sounds like a great phone and if all the rumoured features make it into the final product, it will be one hell of a phone to have. I hope you achieve all your dreams :)


When companies grow big, they tend to collapse under their own weight. I think someone else will be taking over the phone industry soon with something rather revolutionary.

Well if Jobs had not died Apple would probably run fine until he died, but I don't think any of the things they are making now are going to be such a wow factor, half the magic was with Jobs (not that I have any idea what people saw in him, but it seems he did well), so I think the collapse is a lack of the PR guy running the corporation (the great Woz is the one with all the innovation)

That is correct. Apple has definitely been missing Steve Jobs' charisma or "reality distortion field" if you will. None of their offerings in the past years has been a "wow".

That is true. It becomes more and more difficult to manage it all and keep pushing out innovative products. Which company do you have in mind btw?


I think Saudi Aramco did it time ago...

Based on reserves, company's worth could be $2.5 trillion


Yeah, but it is a state owned company. The first trillion dollar private company title is still up for grabs.

True...but they are considering to open it to private inversion right?

No idea. Hehe. Gotta check it out.

Apple is literally Evil Corp. from Mr.Robot haha Crypto is the future tho when all the centralized banks fail Crypto will stand strong!

Mr. Robot? I haven't seen it. I thought you were talking about Will Smith's iRobot. Will have to check it out.

But yeah, crypto is the future, for sure!

Haha still a great movies but definitely check it out lmk what you think !

Is Mr.Robot good, I saw the first episode and I was not overwhelmed, but should I give it another chance ?

Yes plz do give it another try. It's very easy to predict what's going to happen in the first episode and it's semi cliche hacker movie but that's only to attract the attention of the non-techy audience. As the show goes on every episode get better and better!

Oh Might want to check it out more than I did then, nice

nice post sourav upvoted and resteemed on my blog too.

Thanks a lot for the support :)

Tesla should get into mobile phones... would be great... ;)

Oh yeah. Elon is a great visionary. It would be awesome to see what he could do in the mobile phones space.

Don't you think apple products are overexpensive?
I think much of they price is due to the marketing they make for they products than the actually product itself.

Exactly, their marketing , along with some luck and the right timing made them possible the brand they're right now. Functionality vs price wise, they're far from the best. Having an apple in most countries is more of a status symbol..

First off Apple is worth an estimated $107.1 billion so there's a long road to a trillion. I'm confused as to why Apple will be the first to 1 Trillion. Google is worth more at the moment and has a more diverse portfolio of products and services. The be more accurate Alphabet Googles parent company would be first to 1 trillion.
as reference: http://fortune.com/2017/02/02/google-tops-apple-brand-value/

This is exactly what I was thinking..

Apple's brand is valued at $107 billion. Not the company itself. Google "Apple market cap". It is at almost $800 billion right now. Google (Alphabet) is at $650 billion. So it seems Apple is closer to achieving that goal.

But yes, Apple might not end up being the first trillion dollar company. Google and Amazon are in the race too.

If this source is right Apple is not the largest one based on market cap.

Counting in state-run companies, there are even more big players, e.g. Saudi Aramco.

But according to your link, Apple IS the largest based on market cap.

That's funny. When I looked yesterday, they had Apple listed on place 3. Could be a glitch though.

To answer your Title question, I think yes, Apple will be a trillion dollar company soon. But this is not because of their new inventions and innovations, but because of their extra ordinary capabilities of advertising and showcasing their products, which most of the times are innovations of others, and making the customers lure towards them, by making some cosmetic changes here and therein the product.
Hats off to your marketing wing, APPLE.

There marketing is really killer, isn't it? They wait for others to make a technology and then they simplify it and incorporate it in their products and the rest is left on the marketing ;)

Though its not a public traded company, I think Ethereum can reach it first.

I don't know if that is possible. Ethereum's market cap is just at $10 billion right now. Apple is already at $800 billion and growing fast.

I am sure crypto will see a lot of trillion dollar currencies but not within this year I am afraid.

It will not surprise me, but I think it is already is highly overvalued. Like most companies right now.

Yes, the stock-market is hugely over-valued, in general. OR, alternatively, the dollar and other fiats is/ are way over-valued.

Yeah, they seem overvalued to me too but what can you do, it is the free market after all.

Nothing anybody can do. But it is good to be aware of it.


I know STEEMIT is on its way. YEAH BABY!

Oh yeah!! Steemit could one day be a trillion dollar company too ;)

Apple is most popular smartphone in US and Uk, maybe the will be the first company, thanks @sauravrungta, great information

Thank you for reading, friend :)


Apple? yeah, pretty good chances are there. But, if Amazon or Alphabet narrow the market cap, you never know, any of these companies can, especially Amazon.

Yeah, it is pretty much a race between these companies for sure. I think we will have our answer by the end of this year.

With the new iPhones getting crapier than the previous ones, I highly doubt it.

They seem to be doing well, in fact growing fast, despite that.

Yeah well..who am I to tell :p

Just like the new movies get crappier than the previous ones, this is even more pronounced for Movie/TV series.
As long as the people are buying, they'll put out anything while laughing to the bank.

True. They will keep buying as long as it has the brand logo in it :p

Nope it will be steemit to be first, the price of steem is going to skyrocket overnight :p

Haha, I wish!! A lot of people here on steemit will be trillionaires! :D Bill Gates would not be such a big deal then ;)

Apple might just beat Steemit in reaching the 1 trillion dollar market cap first, but it'll be close!

Hey yogi!! How have you been man? :)

Yeah, for the time being it looks like Apple will beat everyone else. But yeah, in the future, no body knows how high Steem could go :)

Hey @sauravrungta. It's been a hellish last 12 months to be totally honest mate. Things have been slowly improving since my operation 6 months ago, but it's been a slow and arduous recovery, hence my absence from Steemit for so long. Hopefully I can continue to put it all behind me, as a distant memory, that fades ever more out of view, with every new day that passes. The future is certainly looking brighter than the past was, that much I'm endlessly grateful for.

I'm sure that i'll get around to writing a little about it, as soon as my present situation allows, but for now, I'm just happy to be back on Steemit :)

Imagine Apple buying out Steemit 5 years from now......haha!

It's all possible. Crazier things have happened.

Hey man, I hope you keep getting better. It is encouraging to hear that your health is improving. Waiting for your posts man :)

Yeah, I hope Steemit can stay on its own ;)

Thank you bud. Looking forward to catching up properly once things are a little more settled round here!

Keep up the excellent work my friend :)

Cool. Looking forward to it :)

That car does look pretty sweet.

That is just a concept car but yes it looks so awesome :D

I am a huge Apple Fan, I love the products, and Steve Jobs Inspires me. Some of what made Apple great when Jobs was alive has been lost, but it still have some SJ's flavour, nom. I read one SJ's bio and on my second one. So inspiring, when I need to get something done!

Yeah, Steve Jobs was really inspiring. If we choose to ignore his flaws and only incorporate the genius qualities that he had, we can do a lot in our lives too :)

if those product launch maybe it will be first 1T company but those product is not easy to achieve.

Almost all those products will indeed launch in the next 1-2 years. Don't know about the car though.

Great article post @sauravrungta. Yes I think Apple will definitely become a one trillion dollar company. From reports that I have read they are working on making Steve Jobs dream of an Apple Car a reality. With that and the other products you have documented Apple will break into the 1 Trillion territory.

Yes, I mentioned the Apple car. It would be a manifestation of Steve jobs' dream and boy would it be cool to see an Apple car on the road.

It will be incredible to see it on the road! Mind-blowing!

Yeah, totally! :D


Another question: will the biggest holder of _______ (Bitcoin, Ripple, Ether, Dash, NEM, Steem, etc.) become the world's first trillionaire?

Definitely. If we are talking about individuals, then I do believe that the first trillionaire is already alive today. Now, if he only makes all the right decisions, he could go on to actually be one in the coming years and crypto is looking like a great way to do that.

I fuckin hate apple , but it would be stupid to not admit they're one of the most successful companies to have ever existed and their PR, or whoever helps/ helped with the brand building in its initial stages were geniuses.

there have already been several, but US rankings usually only report USA.

thx 4 the upvote!

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