Apple AirPad 2 finally came out! ... Add another $ 50

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Apple introduced its wireless Bluetooth earphone 'AirPod 2nd generation (AirPod 2)' on the 20th.

On the surface, it does not seem to be a big difference from previous products, but it has a dedicated chip H1 to shorten the connection time.

Also, the convenience of AI voice secretarySiri was enhanced.

The price is 199,000 won.
Consumers who pay 50,000 won can choose a wireless charging case. Apple has emphasized high-efficiency performance, faster connection times, longer talk time, and convenient streaming with its dedicated chip H1.

According to Apple, the AirPad 2 is up to 50% more talk time than the previous version. The connection time was also shortened by half.

"You can switch devices seamlessly while listening to music on your iPhone, Apple watch or iPad," he said.

"If you call itShiriya!, You can check the route information such as song change, phone call, volume control, etc."

AirPod 2 also supports wireless charging.

These products can be ordered from Apple's official website. The Apple store will be sold in the spring of this year.

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Apple has released a new version of its wireless earphone. You can activate your virtual assistant series with your voice alone.

It is possible to operate Apple's virtual assistant simply by saying 'Heishiri' without pressing the button on the iPhone.

Apple said its battery has improved and the new airpot has been available for more than an hour.

One analyst said this is an indication that the air pot is getting smarter.

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The air pot is equipped with a new H1 chip. Apple says it has improved the wireless connection between the user's smartphone, the watch and the tablet, thanks to the chip.

"With connection speed doubling, it's smoother than ever to hear music on an iPhone and switch to another device like an Apple watch or iPad," Apple said.

The price of the new air pot is 199,000 won, and the model equipped with a case that is wirelessly charged costs 50,000 won more.

"The Apple AirPot is getting smarter." Said Neil Mawson, of Strategies Analytics.

"Apple is putting a lot of accessories on the smartphone and trying to grow the mobile pie."

"If Apple could sell millions of AirPods this year, I would be able to make up for the recent decline in iPhone sales."


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