IPHONE 11 and 11PRO and 11 PRO MAX

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Apple has had a new streaming on September 10th, Apple has revealed what is to be expected. Apple’s new IPhone’s upcoming releases of the IPhones 11 and 11 PRO and the PRO MAX. These are supposed to be as they always say from a selling point “ By far the most innovative advance phone on the 🌎”. These new IPhones come with a price point that makes you question yourself is this upgrade really needed so soon?.

It feels just like yesterday when I have just purchased my new IPhone XS MAX; to be honest from what I viewed on the stream is another highly expensive phone that would be no benefit for me as an upgrade. I’ve purchased my IPhone XS MAX the first day it dropped in stores last year. I even got a clear outter expensive box to go along with it! It wasn’t cheap by any means but it was my birthday so I said why not 🤷🏽‍♀️🤑... well today I am saying absolutely not!☝🏽

I actually forgot it was dropping until I came across an article on the MarketWatch.com; Sidebar:(By the way Apple stocks AAPL -0.25, -0.11%! km5l12pz34.jpghas been on the rise since the release of the 11, the 11 PRO and PRO MAX news).

the things to look forward to on the release of what the new Apple 11, 11 Pro, Pro Max seems to say battery life has an extended 5 hours added which is good. The camera was one of the major turning points for Apple(AAPL) triple the cameras on the back jxj5y1pd28.jpg

Slow motion features which I would only think it would be beneficial to YouTube or social media influencers, or people that make mini movies. It would make sense if you like to text and want more storage for pictures that come with more features for privacy or something that you can put a lock on photos. I like my XS MAX but I believe APPLE should go harder for there Laptops and Ipads instead of coming out with a new way to be money hunger for one new game that has realist sounds 😂 or a slow motions feature I mean it’s getting out of hand with prices I get that the market trend is off the maps but I would rather spend that money on a new laptop or an iPads that makes you do the most because Androids are killing that. I mean I guess their model is you get in where you fit in. So competition would be even more extreme. But decor all you ballers that have no actual responsibilities then buy all means here are the release date, for the rest like me Stick to you current IPhone.! 👂🏽👍🏾