Revealed! A series of causes of transparent HP Casing is easy to turn yellow

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For now, most cellphones have been designed so that they look beautiful and elegant in the hands. Not only premium phones, but only middle-class smartphones below are already present in a cool appearance. So that the selection of transparent HP casing is one of the most popular.

That's because the look of the phone will still look its beauty, like Realme 5, Redmi Note 8, Vivo S1 Pro, OPPO Reno 2, Samsung Galaxy Note 10, and many others. But one of the problems that will be faced by users when using this type of casing is easy yellowing. So, what are the causes and how can they be prevented?

As stated by Ranvoo casing manufacturer, 70% of transparent HP casing consumers will experience this problem. Especially the material used to make the casing is silica gel and plastic. And for the cause itself there are various.

"The main reason is ultraviolet radiation from the Sun. If you normally use it outdoors, the casing will turn yellow after long exposure to the Sun, "said Ranvoo. In addition, extreme weather, extreme temperatures, humidity, until exposed to liquids can be the cause of the casing experiencing discoloration.

Then one of the events that might be quite difficult to avoid is the transparent HP casing exposed to sweat or oil on the face. This is one of the causes most often experienced by users. However, for the level of quality of protection is still the same, it's just that it looks less attractive.

Indeed you can buy new ones, easily and quickly. But if you want to save money can take care of the old transparent HP casing. How to clean it using soap water or bleach detergent. Then, clean using a soft brush (brushing your teeth) thoroughly.

And to prevent it is quite impossible to do, because this transparent HP casing stuck in the cellphone. So that when used alone can cause higher temperatures in the device, which is included in one of the causes. Then for storage, obviously it's very difficult to always put it in a sterile place.