Chinese media accuse Apple of not doing enough to filter out illegal content

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If someone decides to use YouTube to publish illegal or immoral content, who is wrong, or rather who is responsible for preventing something like this from happening? Well, many have criticized YouTube in the past for allowing such content to reach its platform, but it seems that YouTube is not the only one facing these criticisms, because China has been similarly criticized for Apple.

According to a recent report from the Wall Street Journal, the state-run media in China appear to have accused Apple of not doing enough to prevent the distribution of illegal content across its platforms. This includes pornography, gambling, and promotion of counterfeit products. For example, a critic said Apple allowed gambling apps to its App Store, which was disguised as official lottery applications.

Apple has been criticized for applying iMessages, where many iPhone users in China have received spam from a gambling-related service. Now, this is not just criticism, but there are also implications for it because, according to Yang Zhaoquan's lawyer at Beijing Vlaw, the authorities could close some of Apple's services if they were found to violate the country's laws.

Of course it remains to be seen whether this will happen or not. Interestingly, this is something that Apple is dealing with in India as well. The local government has asked the company to allow the deployment of an app that prevents calls and spam in the App Store, or the use of the iPhone will be blocked on the networks of telecommunications companies in the country.