I just saw the Apple Gold watch...

in apple •  29 days ago

Remember the first time Apple released their watch with a gold version that cost about $10k ?

I just saw a guy in the poker room wear it.

I always thought it was a bit silly spending that much money on a device that will be replaced in about two years.

But I guess they sold a few of them.


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Was it on your wrist when you saw it?

Hey, I also noticed a bug with steem-bounty. When it makes a comment saying that a bounty was added, the title of the comment is misspelled. It says Buonty added instead of Bounty added. Here's a link if you want to see it: https://steemit.com/contest/@steem-bounty/re-guessthewordsbicontest21-a0gpjn6dl7-20190418t143707. Title appears in the tab title.


thx, will be fixed

That's exactly why he bought it.

So someone could write a blog post about it :D

For everething there are customers. even if its only a small ammount of people. But it makes the watch just more famous.... I am with you, this is a useless thing....

I think it can give a brand more status. Same for a Mercedes S class or even a Maybach. There are not much people who buy that but it gives the brand a lot more status.

Apple itself is kind of a status symbol, if you are price concerned consumer you better of buying some android device.

We can't deny that it is incredibly beautiful...

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Surprisingly many still buy expensive watches. I have no clue why as they usually aren't very attractive and are of very little use.