Apple will allow other repairers to carry out repairs on their devices

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Even deliver equipment!
Apple is about to open its doors to third parties and repairers. This is definitely good news for smaller repairers as well as for consumers who refuse to pay more. At the outset of this long-lasting case, consumers will know that they can make any complex repairs at a designated and selected service facility. A few months ago, a number of users complained about replacing the iPhone X may block their phone entirely, especially since it was clear that not every display could replace the original. Separately, replaceable screens in such repairers may further damage the Touch ID and Face ID on the display. Exactly for such cases, the Simply Mac engineers, who charge their customers at similar prices as those in the official service, spoke, but unlike the Apple Store, gentlemen have a bigger chain. The deal between the two countries will offer equipment for more than 30 stores, with each repair being much lighter and faster for the end user. This will finally allow everyone to choose where to take their product and get quality service.

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