Consumers Say They Are Using Fewer Apple Products

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Berkeley California -- A recent survey conducted by a well known consumer group reports that once loyal users of Apple hardware say they are buying less. Among the complaints reported by users are Apple's ever rising prices, the increasingly walled garden approach to hardware design, and lackluster software design.

One user reported that he has finally reached his breaking point. Dave Turing told the researchers, "I have been buying Apple's stuff for thirty years. I mean, I love the logo and the feeling I get when my friends see my iPhone, but Apple won't let me put an SD card in my own phone. I mean, what the hell is that all about?"

Improper Headspace reached out to Dave to see how he is adjusting to life without Apple. "Well, I never said I was going to stop using it. I told them I was going to buy less. I did buy the new iPhone even though it has that ugly notch, but all the other phones have that too", Dave said. When asked what his next laptop purchase would be Dave said, "I am not sure, it will be a long time before I have to make that decision. I can tell you this, the MacBook Pro I bought yesterday will be the last laptop I buy from Apple. I will probably still use the Mac mini as a desktop machine though. The upgrades look promising, and I do not want to throw out the baby with the bathwater."

As of yesterday, Apple's stock has reached an all time high. Apple credits the increase with their recent switch to 100% recycled aluminum in the manufacturing of several of their product lines.