Hello, thanks for joining APPICS. We appreciate having you here, however we only allow people to post content that they own all the rights to - no plagiarism of any kind is allowed.
Please verify yourself in order to prove that this is really YOU posting on Appics!
You can do that by sharing the link of your official Instagram, Facebook or Twitter account and we will contact you there!
This way we can make sure that you are not just posting pictures you found on the internet, but rather it's really you posting and creating content on APPICS.
Keep in mind that you need to OWN all of the content that you post - if you post plagiarized content, and don’t verify yourself, we will flag all your upcoming posts.
This will result in all the posts being invisible on the platform and being stripped from rewards. So please verify yourself before you continue posting. If you ignore this warning, your upcoming posts will be flagged! You can message me for any questions. Thank you!

forgive me my lord

do not worry, extralife is a scammer

you don't worry. he is an official appics ambassador and not at all a scammer. he had all right tonask for verification. so please be careful who you call a scammer. thank you

So I suppose you need to prove you made your own memes from now on eh? Maybe someone should check his creds and rethink his means of phishing for ways to contact people. ffs

if you want to post them on APPICS, yes would be ideal. not sure what you mean by your phishing statement. we use this text to verify accounts on appics. if you or any other see that suspicious, please go ahead and contact APPICS mainaccount on any other medium.

no need for forgiveness, please just verify your account. you can get in contact with any of us ambassadors to get your verification done. thank you

how ? please guide me