THE SEA SIDE The introduction of the #Nature hashtag has made me remember all the ...

in #appics2 years ago

... nice pictures I took at the Sea side, and of course everything at the Sea Side is extra fine.


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Outstanding capture..nice photography skills

Such a nice photo. Wish i was there rn too

Nice man like good old days. But too bad that $1 is really barely worth a few cents worth of liquid steem. Steemit is sort of shady now and they used to actually pay us like half of our pay. With likwid we would get 95% but this is now like 25% or less and APX is nice bonus but Appics takes 20% haha I'm forking Appics for hive so we can have 0% and then a new Appics @telokanda

Steemit used to be so cool, I wouldn’t call it trash now but we all miss the old days. Appics isn’t doing bad, it’s a step at a time though))

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