The Hazzards of RV Life Can Be Extremely Difficult

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Something is wrong with our propane heater. It fires but does not stay lit. As you can see, this is an issue. Scott changed the regulator and it helped a little bit, but we are still only getting cold air. As you can probably tell, with temps being down to the teens, we are freezing!

We are trying to use a couple of little electric heaters, but it is soooooo much more expensive for us than propane. We are feeling very frustrated by this. We can't afford $70 a week for electricity when we are only paying $30-$40 a week for propane. So frustrating.


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Hi there @xcountytravelers...I struggled with such issues and have some experience. Propane heaters are really simple mechanisms. Maybe it’s a failure at the flame valve it’s just this I will show you in the picture:
Image source Amazon
If the switch on thing works ok (you have sparks) then may be that gas valve.
If it’s damaged it won’t last open when the little flame has to heat it so no gas will flow once the start(switch on) button (or whatever it uses) will be released. Even the ignition flame will be off.
It’s a cheap part (here in Spain) and very easy to change. You take it off and bring it to a gas or plumbering supplies store so they provide you the proper spare part. Mount it in place and start heating yourself!
Be aware you need to check for gas leaks on the threads after mounting it.
Here how-to detect gas leaks video :

Hope this will help you on this issue.
Big hugs over there ❤️

I will make sure he know! Thanks so much.

Sorry to hear that. My sister is having trouble with her sub-floor as it has soft spots. It is always something isn't it?

Never seems to end. I am betting it would happen in a house, boat, or bus. Just have to figure it out. Scott thinks he has an idea what needs to be done, but we need a day when it is warm and dry. Seems like everytime we have time, we do not have the nice weather. Silly weather gnymphs.

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So Sorr to hear about the problems with your propane tank. Hope you get it working soon in those cold temperatures.

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