"Lord allow my dollars to be multiplied  As I rise I promise to offer all my vi ...

in #appicslast year

... be

Unfocused eyes will never notice

a walking christ

Ignoring your highest form

is noting less than a poltergeist

Owing ties for the painful truth

of you holding lies

My older life didn’t abide to the soul inside

Now when I step

the ground trembles to coincide

Know that the essence

I conjure up is an open tide"


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Great photo and don’t worry too much! Money comes and goes and comes again! It’s an energy! Vision it and it will presented to you! 🥰🤩 you Are already at the right Place

Thank you kindly.. You are correct in your wisdom, all we desire we will acquire! Many blessings

Word up!!! 🙏

Amazing poetry!! And bro is that a coogi sweater? Love it!