"I pray for peace  I pray for love I pray you reach the star your seeking of I ...

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... pray we bond at heart

I pray for all

I pray we lift another if they fall

I pray for gifts god has granted me

I pray for lost loves and family

I pray for friend morphing enemies

I pray you harness all your energies

I pray for mothers and father a like

I pray for husband to honor his wife

I pray for sun set and moon to glow

I pray you hear this for you to grow

I pray this Dookie spreads cross the globe

I pray for spirit to heal my soul

I prayed for Cole

For the womb to mold

I pray for talent we have been bestowed

I pray for open ears and hearts the same

I pray the light guides my darkest days

I pray for you could you pray for me

To rid this curse called complacency..."
Track ~ Pray | Live From The Cave Volume 019


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I pray you get more votes for this ✅ Great poem, Great song

I appreciate your attention. Continue to keep prayer 1st!

Really love it bro... Is this your official video? Looks cool..

Godspeed fam! yea its only of the 1st verse though a friend of mine from Vegas made it, the full song "Pray" is a full record..go check it out {linkinbio} #Spreadthedookie