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RE: Announcement: APPICS' Dual Blockchain Solution

in #appics2 years ago

I was introduced to @appics from my good friend @brittandjosie from the @steemterminal and @heyhaveyamet. Dealing with Multiple Sclerosis, I sometimes don't have a great deal of time to focus on lengthy posting. This is a perfect way for me, to still provide positive and quality feedback and engagement.

I have helped several new, as well as current Steemians, learn about this awesome application. Conversely; after installing the Telegram application, and joining the Telegram Appics Community, @Josephine went above and beyond to ensure I had ALL the details needed, to interact with, and use, the @appics application. Without a doubt, your commitment to community is oblivious and well noted! After reading through this several times... to me, it seems like a "win-win" situation. Thank you to all involved... from not only @appics and @steemit, but the @steemengine as well!!


Hey @wesphilbin! Thank you very much for your feedback and such kind words!
We really appreciate it. The community is our backbone and our users and investors are always our top priority! we're happy to present this solution to our community and can't wait to see it in action!


Most welcome... can't learn and succeed, without feedback from your users... I look forward to seeing where you go, as things advance. Appreciate your reply!