Hey you.. I think I have seen you around here and there every so often lately in ...

in appics •  last month 

... Thailand. I heard your origin is there in Japan. I know people love you so much that I might have had to wait in line for half an hour or so to get one of you.. This evening was my first time trying you for the very first time. I was imagining you would be so soft and fluffy.. first bite.. you, your texture's like a normal pancake but taste like steamed eggs 😭 Maybe it's just only you that has this odd texture and smell. I will eventually find the right one for me sometime soon. Hoping with all my heart and foodie soul, we will find each other soon, promise :)


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wow that is a SWEET plate! :O

that was delicious..😋😋

Thanks 😊😊😊

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my pleasure

Take me to this place at steemfest 4😍

There're some better one in Bangkok so sureee 😁😁😁

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Looking forward 🤤

I don't exactly know what this is but i'm compelled to want to grab it and smash it in my face repeatedly until im in a sugar coma or heaven, whichever comes first