Awe, such a beautiful rhyme to your daughter on her very first Valentine's day! Happy Valentine's Day to you and your lovely family, you are truly blessed...

I guess I enjoyed my Valentine Day so much at the time when Symphony was 1 month old that I never replied to these really nice comments Thank you as always karen for your kind words and big support. I hope you are well

You are very welcome my friend! Thanks for your kind reply 😊🥰

you're very welcome.


Thank you very much lerchen, I am grateful

Love is beautiful 💕

indeed it is, and powerful too

Happy Valentine's Day Symphony❤.

Sorry for the late reply 😏 thank you very much. I can't believe she is almost 6 months already...

This is truely Special 💛 Beautiful. ..👌

Hello mrsbeetroo sorry for the super tardy response lol I do love my little Symphony. She and the kids keep me happily busy. She is even on my shoulder and arm as I write this comment. Can't believe she is nearly half a year old already. Just amazing and I miss her newborn self already

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