This so fantastic as always my friend! Never stop Polinating, we love it!!

Thank you so much my friend, I will definitely keep making a mark and an impact whenever I can! Appreciate you always

You are very welcome!

Beautiful, positive lyrics 💕

Oh thank you very much, you know my style of music, I actually was listening to your song the other day, the one Edgar mixed and mastered, still a fantastic song. I forget the title of it, but it is on my playlist, Bring Me Down I think it is.

Thank you! Yes, Let me Down....that’s the one we tried to release for the Adsactly Records thingy...the other song that Edgar mixed was the Steem song, Come follow me. ❤️

Super 🤩 I like how you say we must empower each other that is so powerful and True... another great poem from you 📖

Thank you very much my friend may, appreciate you being able to see the real messages in my literary art

Love your lyrics,so powerful!

Oh thank you very much, I have many songs that are like this one, I will perform them all live soon, I'm getting my performance artist itch again, and the next chance I get, I'm going to be bombarding everyone with some powerful music with the intention to make a difference to my listeners. I appreciate you lending your eyes, I'll have something for you to listen to in due time, thanks so much lerchen

It all sounds very interesting,I'm excited about it!

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