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... friend Forte truly sharpens your listening experience and the tracks we have made together is only the beginning of greatness. He has a whole library of music to bless you with. Forte is one of the best hip hop emcees that I know, his energy is electrifying, his wordplay is heavily lyrical with deep meanings, his power moves are impacting, his freestyle ability is impeccable, his stage presence is commanding, his voice moves the masses and his music leaves an imprint worth relistening, relearning and observing his artful mastermind that is at work. Be ready for some amazing collaborations from us in the future, as well as, ground breaking solo projects he will share with you soon. We are going to light Appics up, so put your shades on.


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Beautiful! I will definitely check him out and give a follow, the more the merrier!!

Already ... Let's see the light...

On second thought, gotta keep the lights low or I'll wake up Symphony haha


Our time has been and is still now and will continue to be! Everlasting blessings

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